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Peel the Pumpkin 2014 Event - NJ Oct. 22 - 26th - LGBT Square Dancing Group

By Times Squares - 2014-10-20 - Updated: 2014-10-21


Times Squares, a square dancing club for lesbians, gays and friends, is celebrating 30th anniversary with a celebration.

"Times Squares was founded to create a social opportunity for the gay and lesbian community as the AIDS epidemic was taking so many of our friends, partners and family."

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Times Squares, a New York based square dancing club for lesbians, gays and their friends, is celebrating it 30th anniversary this October with a four day celebration expected to attract several hundred people.

The Times Squares, founded out of a desire for a social outlet and activity in the early days of the AIDS epidemic is Manhattan’s only square dance club, has over 100 members and has been dancing on a weekly basis for three decades

"We are thrilled to celebrate three decades of square dancing, community and fun," said Times Squares President Dave Kampel. "Times Squares was founded to create a social opportunity for the gay and lesbian community as the AIDS epidemic was taking so many of our friends, partners and family. We have remained a family of individuals of all sexual orientations and created a space to dance in the longtime tradition of Modern Western Square Dancing, but with a twist, as our group does not adhere to gender stereotypical roles or dress, uses modern music and love to add our unique high-kicking, high stepping style to this very traditional American dance," Kampel continued.

"We welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities and hope our anniversary celebration will bring some new folks to join the square and find a home as so many have for the past 30 years," Kampel concluded.

The "Peel the Pumpkin" event will be held at the Hotel Woodbridge at Metropark, 120 Wood Avenue in South Iselin, NJ.

Times Squares have lined up an incredible all-star calling staff of twelve callers, including Saundra Bryant, Betsy Gotta, Bill Harrison, Dayle Hodge, Dan Koft, Tim Marriner, John Marshall, Nick Martellaci, Daryl Murphy, Chris Phillips, Howard Richman, and Anne Uebelacker.

There will also be some special guests over the course of the event, including Howard Richman as Lady Di-Amel, Roy Gotta leading Round Dancing, and Porsche, the Girl with a Thousand Voices.

Daily Schedule:

There will be 5 rooms with 5 levels of dancing at all times.

Times Squares is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide educational, recreational, and social opportunities within the framework of Modern Western square dancing for both gays and lesbians as well as the wider community.

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