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Gender and Sexual Diversity in Schools

By Elizabeth Meyer - 2014-12-11


Book provides frameworks for practices supportive of LGBT students and specific curricular subjects for major academic disciplines at all levels of education.

"In Gender and Sexual Diversity in Schools, Elizabeth Meyer provides a beautifully written and engaging discussion of the need for inclusivity in schools"

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Meyer's book is an absolute must for all those in teacher education and development and school contexts. The text is helpful whether one has been working with LGBT issues in schools for one month or ten years. It provides frameworks for situating instructional practices supportive of LGBT students as well as specific curricular subjects for each major academic discipline at all levels of education.

Issues related to gender and sexual diversity in schools can generate a lot of controversy, with many educators and youth advocates under-prepared to address these topics in their school communities.

This text offers an easy-to-read introduction to the subject, providing readers with definitions and research evidence, as well as the historical context for understanding the roots of bias in schools related to sex, gender, and sexuality.

Additionally, the book offers tangible resources and advice on how to create more equitable learning environments.

Topics such as working with same-sex parented families in elementary schools; integrating gender and sexual diversity topics into the curriculum; addressing homophobic bullying and sexual harassment; advising gay-straight alliances; and supporting a transgender or gender non-conforming student are addressed.

The suggestions offered by this book are based on recent research evidence and legal decisions to help educators handle the various situations professionally and from an ethical and legally defensible perspective.

In Gender and Sexual Diversity in Schools, Elizabeth Meyer provides a beautifully written and engaging discussion of the need for inclusivity in schools.

Meyer offers a realistic and systematic process for transforming schools into inclusive and comfortable environments for all.

Gender and Sexual Diversity in Schools - Book by Elizabeth Meyer
As an educator, and queer theorist, I believe that this book is an exceptional contribution to the field of education.

Although the book focuses on North American educational policy, Meyer’s suggestions should benefit educators worldwide.

I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in diversity and inclusion.

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