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Lee Geiger's Pearls of Asia Breaks Down LGBT Community Barriers

By TLH Public Relation & Consulting - 2015-10-15


Book: Pearls of Asia, by Lee Geiger, calls for attention to trans attracted men and straight trans allies.

"As a heterosexual man, Geiger admires and looks up to transgender trailblazers such as Janet Mock, Laverne Cox and Isis King - just to name a few."

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It's pretty clear the transgender world is current news and it’s finally getting the visibility it deserves. With all the buzz surrounding the T (trans) in LGBT, there has been a huge support from the community; however, the issue of trans-attracted men and trans allies is still a topic that hasn’t been expressed in mainstream media.

The trans world is a really hot button issue, especially with an election right around the corner. With the recent passing of the equality marriage rights in all 50 states, many people ask if the the trans community is being left out.

Wall Street veteran and republican Lee Geiger said,

“I do believe the Supreme Court signed off on the “T” in LGBT when it ruled on marriage equality. Marriage vows are promises made between two people who love each other, regardless of their gender. With that being said, the momentum towards full and complete gender equality needs to continue, especially when it comes to the family. Transgender individuals love kids too, and the day they’re able to adopt children without any questions being asked about their gender will be another step in the right direction.”

Lee Geiger - Author of Pearls of Asia
As an avid supporter of the LGBT/trans community, Lee Geiger is a white collar stock trader living in San Francisco. Geiger is currently with Penserra Securities as a Managing Director with a focus in institutional equity sales. Prior to joining Penserra Securities, he has over 30 years of trading experience on behalf of major fund institutions and mutual state pensions from Bank of America Securities to JMP Securities. Lee holds an M.B.A. from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College and a B.A. from Claremont McKenna College.

As a heterosexual man, Geiger admires and looks up to transgender trailblazers such as Janet Mock, Laverne Cox and Isis King - just to name a few. “I feel that these women are intelligent and engaging as they are beautiful and sexy,” said Lee Geiger.

When Geiger isn’t trading stocks, he has brought a new perspective that hasn't been touched upon in the trans community with his book Pearls of Asia.

Pearls of Asia, the first book of its kind, explores and openly visualizes aspects of transgender identity, which is often frowned upon in mainstream media. Pearls of Asia is a romantic mystery set in San Francisco featuring a special gender twist.

Published by The Writer’s Coffee Shop (the original publisher of “Fifty Shades of Gray”), Pearls of Asia has been described as Gone Girl meets CSI.

More than just a fictional novel, Pearls of Asia explores lessons in communication in a world that seeks to label rather than celebrate differences. The issue of trans-attracted men and trans allies is a topic that is taboo and often frowned upon in mainstream media, but it does exist. Geiger’s book will enable trans attracted men to be proud of whom they loved.

This murder mystery was inspired by the real life club Asia AF, which is featured on Fuse’s transgender docu-series Transcendent. The show has received rave review from top critics.

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