IntimateRider Sex Aid for People with Disability

Author: IntimateRider
Published: Thursday 29th January 2015 - Updated: Friday 10th April 2020
Summary: IntimateRider products are designed for adults with physical disabilities, including spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy or arthritis.

IntimateRider, national designer of respected adult sexual enrichment products, announces special discount and product giveaways for Valentine's Day and the remainder of the year.

Customers can save up to 15% on products purchased during these monthly promotions.

Safely developed for all adults, IntimateRider products are especially designed for adults with physical disabilities, including adults with spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy or arthritis.

Out of its long standing respect for human diversity, IntimateRider is addressing pertinent life situations that millions of people view as taboo.

According to Disabled World, "Sex and disability tends to be a taboo area for many abled bodies persons and is rarely discussed in the same sentence." The organization goes on to say that, "As a result more than 50% of disabled people do not have any form of regular sex life."

IntimateRider will make those special moments more fulfilling and a relationship deeper than ever.
IntimateRider will make those special moments more fulfilling and a relationship deeper than ever.
Considering that the World Health Organization finds, "Sexuality is an integral part of the personality of everyone: man, woman and child; it is a basic need and aspect of being human that cannot be separated from other aspects of life," the significance of IntimateRider's work grows. There are IntimateRider promotions, like the April 15 Tax Day promotion, that run for a single day. Other promotions, like the Valentine's Day promotion, run for a week or longer.

Adults can take advantage of the Valentine's Day promotion from February 1, 2015 through February 14, 2015. During the Valentine's Day promotion, customers who purchase an IntimateRider Romance Set could receive a $50 Victoria Secrets e-gift card. As a complimentary monthly giveaway, the sexual enrichment product designer is giving away free t-shirts to winners of the Valentine's Day drawing.

Sexual enhancement products and accessories from the bestselling IntimateRider Romance Set, IntimateRider Seat Cushion from Liberator, Tenga Male Stimulator and the IntimateRider/Liberator Adventure Set could yield as much as $100 in price savings for customers.

IntimateRider Features
IntimateRider Features
Expectation is that the promotions, starting with the Valentine's Day deals, will increase opportunities for adults with physical disabilities to own the company's uniquely designed merchandise.

Throughout 2015, promotions and giveaways will center around national holidays and major retail sales events.

In addition to the Valentine's Day promotion and giveaway, examples of these special events are the Independence Day shipping deals, summer accessory giveaway and the Christmas adult sexual product giveaways.

To win products and take advantage of significant price discounts, customers need to visit and sign up to receive monthly promotion and giveaway codes.

Each month a drawing is made to identify a winner.

Customers must provide their name and email address when signing up. Because IntimateRider respects its customers' information, the data is not shared with external business parties.

IntimateRider (, is a division of Health Postures, a premier designer and manufacturer of health products, including workplace ergonomics and sexual positioning products for physically disabled men and women.

IntimateRider products are designed to help adults with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, joint replacements and other physical challenges to realize more fulfilling intimate relationships.

The products have been on the market since 1996.

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