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Full list of articles and documents from the Sexual Diversity Gender Equality: Information, News, Publications category. Though these articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

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Gender Equality Publications
Gender Equality Progress Is Stalling thumbnail image.
Gender equality recovers to pre-pandemic levels but pace of progress has slowed with Iceland remaining the most gender-equal country, followed by Norway, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden.
Publish Date: 27th Jul 2023 - Updated: 14th Dec 2023
Gender Inequality Among Scientific Editors thumbnail image.
Women are consistently underrepresented among editors, and female editors are less likely to publish their research in the journals they edit.
Publish Date: 16th Jan 2023
Men Deterred from HEED Careers Due to Male Gender Bias thumbnail image.
Bias against men in health care, early education, and domestic (HEED) fields have been documented, and the current study sought to gauge the impact of that bias.
Publish Date: 24th Dec 2022
Ending Gender Bias in Internet Algorithms thumbnail image.
Many internet algorithms are based on stereotypes, leading them to associate the sciences with masculinity and the arts with femininity.
Publish Date: 24th Nov 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Pursuit of Equality and Remote Work thumbnail image.
A new report from Institute for Gender and the Economy looks at remote work, the pursuit of equality, and the future of work.
Publish Date: 10th Nov 2022
Stereotype of Middle Age Women as Less Nice Can Hold Them Back at Work thumbnail image.
Research finds even as they achieve more job power and capability; middle-aged women can be held back by a perceived lack of niceness.
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Gender Disparities in Science: Breaking the Glass Ceiling by Looking at Citations thumbnail image.
University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute researchers used artificial intelligence to study gender disparities in science.
Publish Date: 5th Oct 2022
Male Youth Feel the Most Threatened by Women's Rights Advances thumbnail image.
Gender equality and sexism study reveals it is not the older generation but young men who have the most difficulty accepting advances in women's rights.
Publish Date: 26th Sep 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Recruiting Male Allies Boosts Women at Work thumbnail image.
When women and men raise their voices together in the workplace, managers are more likely to support gender equity issues, such as equal pay for equal work.
Publish Date: 13th Sep 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Do Masculine Leadership Titles Undermine Women thumbnail image.
Do masculine leadership titles undermine women’s leadership by reinforcing harmful stereotypes that positions of power are reserved for men.
Publish Date: 6th Sep 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Gender Equality: Ending Sexist Scheduling of Major Sporting Events thumbnail image.
Despite progress in gender equality in sports, female match finals are invariably considered a warm-up for men's sending message that women are second-class citizens and athletes.
Publish Date: 31st Aug 2022
Brilliance is a Male Trait According to Pre-teen Kids thumbnail image.
Pre-teen children believe brilliance is a male trait, and this stereotype increases in strength up to the age of twelve.
Publish Date: 26th Jul 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Gender Pay Gap Linked to Childhood Unpaid Chores thumbnail image.
Research reveals female later employment participation affected by taking on the weight of care burden in childhood, thus adding to existing inequality gaps.
Publish Date: 21st Jul 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Greater Gender Diversity in Companies Deliver Better Employee Experiences thumbnail image.
The employee attitude data integrated with Bloomberg data on gender-related programs and practices to examine linkages between gender-diversity policies and employee opinion.
Publish Date: 4th May 2020
Sexual Objectification Influences Visual Perception thumbnail image.
It has been suggested that sexually objectified women or men are visually processed in the same fashion of an object.
Publish Date: 12th Apr 2018
Gender Equality Must be at the Core of Health for All thumbnail image.
2018 International Womens Day statement by World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
Publish Date: 7th Mar 2018
China's Two Child Policy May Exacerbate Gender Inequality thumbnail image.
UBC sociology research suggests the new universal two-child policy could be negatively affecting women's status and gender equality.
Publish Date: 23rd Feb 2018
Countries with Greater Gender Equality Have Lower Percentage of Female STEM Graduates thumbnail image.
Findings could help refine education efforts and policies geared toward girls and science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Publish Date: 15th Feb 2018
Women and Men in STEM Often at Odds Over Workplace Equity thumbnail image.
Perceived inequities are especially common among women in science, technology, engineering and math jobs who work mostly with men.
Publish Date: 10th Jan 2018
#NotOkay Twitter, Trump and Sexual Assault: A Call to Men for Action thumbnail image.
Twitter campaign #NotOkay included a large number of tweets by both women and men calling on men to shut down locker room talk that is degrading to women.
Publish Date: 8th Jan 2018
Gender-Based Double Standards Persist Even in Performance Driven Industries thumbnail image.
Pursing quality: how search costs and uncertainty magnify gender-based double standards in a multistage evaluation process.
Publish Date: 25th Oct 2017
Biased Views of Girls Begin as Early as 4th Grade thumbnail image.
Save the Children reveals biased views on value of girls and their roles within the classroom and society begin to show as early as fourth grade.
Publish Date: 13th Oct 2017
Gender Equality - Realizing How Far We Have to Go thumbnail image.
Largest study of women in the workplace reveals we do not fully see the barriers women face, and we have a low bar for what equality looks like.
Publish Date: 10th Oct 2017
Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes - Macho Pursuits Dominate Assessments of Risky Behavior thumbnail image.
Women can be just as risky as men when the conventional macho measures of daring are replaced by less stereotypical criteria.
Publish Date: 5th Oct 2017
Topless Equality Challenges U.S. Courts On GoTopless 10th Anniversary thumbnail image.
GoTopless organization will celebrate its 10th anniversary of fighting for constitutional topless equality on August 26th.
Publish Date: 9th Aug 2017
Women's Mental Health Damaged by Breastaurant Employment thumbnail image.
Study reveals women who work in restaurants that require their bodies to be on display through revealing uniforms may experience higher levels of anxiety and eating disorders.
Publish Date: 18th Jul 2017
No Evidence of Gender Bias in Philosophy thumbnail image.
Despite a gender imbalance, there is no evidence for gender bias against women in securing tenure-track positions in philosophy.
Publish Date: 20th Jun 2017
Topless Women in NY Celebrate 25 Years of Equal Rights thumbnail image.
Anniversary of court decision establishing women have the same right as men to go bare-chested in public places in New York State.
Publish Date: 18th May 2017
Gender Bias in Open-Source Programming thumbnail image.
To what extent does gender bias exist when pull requests are judged on GitHub.
Publish Date: 2nd May 2017
Gender Diversity in Big Law Flatlines thumbnail image.
Despite widespread implementation of diversity programs women account for only 30% of lawyers at firms in the Am Law 200.
Publish Date: 1st May 2017
Female Equality in the Workforce: Rising Fast or Falling Short? thumbnail image.
80% of Americans say female leaders have to work harder than men to prove themselves - Harris Poll examines how Americans believe women are faring in the workforce today.
Publish Date: 1st Apr 2017
Albuquerque Ranked Top Place for Gender Equality thumbnail image.
U.S. metros ranked by how far women have come to achieving gender equality with regard to owning a home, attending college and getting paid.
Publish Date: 24th Mar 2017 - Updated: 1st Apr 2017
Canadian Women Call for National Gender Equality Plan thumbnail image.
Women in Canada call for national gender equality plan after millions march for equality.
Publish Date: 3rd Feb 2017 - Updated: 1st Apr 2017

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