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LGBT Sexual Diversity Education: Article List:

Full list of articles and documents from the Sexual Diversity LGBT Sexual Diversity Education category. Though these articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

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Education and LGBT Publications
High School Biology Textbooks Do Not Provide Comprehensive View of Sex and Gender thumbnail image.
Textbooks used by a majority of introductory U.S. biology classes paint a Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus image, running afoul of scientific evidence.
Publish Date: 22nd Feb 2024
Teaching Controversial Topics in U.S. Schools: How Americans Really Feel thumbnail image.Teaching Controversial Topics in U.S. Schools: How Americans Really Feel thumbnail image.Teaching Controversial Topics in U.S. Schools: How Americans Really Feel thumbnail image.
Americans united on core principles like importance of public education and parental involvement, but diverge on the details.
Publish Date: 22nd Feb 2024
How Many Genders Are There? 2024 Gender Identity List thumbnail image.
Updated 2024 list of gender identities and terms people use when identifying themselves and talking about gender.
Publish Date: 7th Dec 2022 - Updated: 10th Apr 2024
How Sex Education Training Videos Can Be More Inclusive thumbnail image.
The article explores several lessons learned about inclusivity during formative research and video production efforts.
Publish Date: 2nd Dec 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Why Teachers Give Girls Higher Marks Than Boys thumbnail image.
Gender-related gaps in educational achievement are common worldwide. However, the nature of the gap differs with different ways of measuring achievement.
Publish Date: 18th Oct 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Study of LGBT Experiences in Physics thumbnail image.
Study finds women and trans people most likely to experience harassment with climate and exclusionary behaviors biggest factors for LGBT scientists leaving physics.
Publish Date: 10th Jul 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Pleasure on the Spectrum: Interview Series with Dr. Lynette Louise - Final Video thumbnail image.
Sexual Diversity conversations with Dr. Lynette Louise (The Brain Broad) during Autism Acceptance Month.
Publish Date: 26th Apr 2021 - Updated: 29th Sep 2022
Glossary of Sexual Identities and Gender Terms thumbnail image.
The terms listed in this glossary are designed to empower you with language that will help you better understand discussions of gender and sexuality.
Publish Date: 16th May 2020 - Updated: 10th Apr 2024
Are Sexual Minority Students Less Likely to Persist in STEM Degrees thumbnail image.
Coming out in STEM: Factors affecting retention of sexual minority STEM students - Sexual minority students - lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer - less likely than their heterosexual peers to be retained in STEM degrees after 4 years of college.
Publish Date: 14th Mar 2018
Sexuality and Family Planning Study of University Students thumbnail image.
Study of sexual behavior of university students reveals students showed a lack of responsibility in areas of sexuality and family planning.
Publish Date: 6th Mar 2018
Creating Diverse Schools and Workplaces Requires Inclusion - Not Just Numbers thumbnail image.
When it comes to successfully engaging and including minorities in the workforce and schools, organizations need to focus on inclusion.
Publish Date: 1st Mar 2018
Sex Education Fails to Reflect Real-Life Realities of Lesbian and Bisexual Girls thumbnail image.
Sex education knowledge gap could be placing lesbian and bisexual girls at increased risk for getting STIs.
Publish Date: 10th Jan 2018
Updated International Human Rights Principles for Treatment of LGBTI People Released thumbnail image.
Yogyakarta Principles is a universal guide to human rights related to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.
Publish Date: 27th Dec 2017 - Updated: 16th Mar 2018
FCA US Women of Color Gain Recognition at Annual STEM Event thumbnail image.
Awards underscore commitment to develop diverse employees and to promote careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
Publish Date: 11th Oct 2017
EEOC Training Program On Respectful Workplaces thumbnail image.
EEOC Training Program focuses on harassment prevention and creating respectful workplaces for all.
Publish Date: 4th Oct 2017
Student STEM Careers - Building an Inclusive Community of Scholars thumbnail image.
For youth from under-represented groups in STEM including students of color, first-generation college students and those eligible for Pell Grants.
Publish Date: 18th Sep 2017
Women in Technology Scholarships - 100 IT Scholarships Available thumbnail image.
Western Governors University a nonprofit competency-based university will award $200,000 in 100 IT scholarships for females.
Publish Date: 12th Sep 2017
Gender Norms Still Important For Female College Major Choice thumbnail image.
New study suggests a relationship between how much women conform to feminine norms and their choice of college major.
Publish Date: 20th Aug 2017
Women in Technology and Veteran Service Scholarships thumbnail image.
Helio offers $1,000 scholarship for all active duty, reserve, and veterans of the U.S. Military for Helio Training full-time programs, and $500 scholarship towards part-time programs.
Publish Date: 9th May 2017
Is Single-Gender Education Better for Students thumbnail image.
What has long been considered old-fashioned and antithetical to gender equity is experiencing a revival, given the growing numbers of single-gender schools.
Publish Date: 31st Mar 2017 - Updated: 22nd Mar 2018
LGBTQ Guide for Spanish Language Media thumbnail image.
Spanish language stylebook for journalists reporting on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people.
Publish Date: 27th Mar 2017
Reduction in Sexual Violence Among Kentucky High School Students thumbnail image.
Study is the largest and longest randomized controlled trial of bystander intervention programs focusing on sexual violence prevention in high schools.
Publish Date: 9th Mar 2017
Guidance Protecting Transgender Youth and Young Adults From Discrimination Fact Sheet thumbnail image.
Williams Institute fact sheet regarding U.S. Departments of Education and Justice withdrawal of legal guidance protecting transgender youth and young adults from discrimination in education.
Publish Date: 23rd Feb 2017
LGBTQ Students Benefit from Point Foundation Scholarship thumbnail image.
To help lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer students transfer to a 4 year degree program, Point Foundation welcomes applications for the Community College Scholarship.
Publish Date: 14th Feb 2017
LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education - Removing Barriers and Building Pathways thumbnail image.
LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education third annual Institute designed to support LGBTQ leaders looking to advance within higher education.
Publish Date: 11th Feb 2017
Cherry Creek School District's Pornographic Sex-Ed Content thumbnail image.
Colorado parent joins Family Research Council Tony Perkins on the radio to discuss Cherry Creek School District pornographic sex-ed content.
Publish Date: 19th Jan 2017 - Updated: 22nd Mar 2018
White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault Report thumbnail image.
The White House hosts final event focused on stopping sexual violence against students, the It Is On Us Summit.
Publish Date: 7th Jan 2017
Best LGBT Friendly Colleges and Universities thumbnail image.
College Choice Releases the Ranking of 50 Best LGBT Friendly Colleges and Universities 2016.
Publish Date: 4th May 2016
Students Want More From School Sex Ed thumbnail image.
Survey reveals students want more from school-based programs including information about violence in relationships, gender issues, and sexual diversity.
Publish Date: 17th Mar 2016 - Updated: 22nd Mar 2018
Boys Changing in Girls Locker Room thumbnail image.
Members of the US Commission on Civil Rights ask congress to restrain Department of Education from mangling Title IX.
Publish Date: 16th Dec 2015
Risky Sex: Which College Students are Likely Candidates thumbnail image.
Significant link between instability in lives of college-age young adults and likelihood they will engage in risky sex.
Publish Date: 10th Dec 2015
Identity is Word of The Year thumbnail image.
Reflecting fluid nature of conversations about gender and sexuality, the Word of the Year is identity.
Publish Date: 9th Dec 2015
Corporate Equality Index to Rate Global LGBT Workplace Inclusion thumbnail image.
Top score requires companies to provide non-discrimination protections to their LGBT employees worldwide.
Publish Date: 19th Nov 2015
College Scholarship Grant for LGBTQ Students in STEM Field thumbnail image.
Web Adaptive to offer college scholarship grant for LGBTQ students in STEM fields.
Publish Date: 18th Nov 2015
Achievements in Diversifying Faculties Offers The PhD Project for Higher Education to Follow thumbnail image.
PhD Project increases diversity of faculty is an effective strategy to attract minority students at all levels, in all disciplines.
Publish Date: 12th Nov 2015
Free Online Course on Civil Rights & Nonviolence thumbnail image.
From Freedom Rides to Ferguson: Narratives of Nonviolence in the American Civil Rights Movement.
Publish Date: 30th Oct 2015 - Updated: 28th Feb 2017
Point Foundation LGBTQ Student Scholarships thumbnail image.
Students enrolling in undergraduate or graduate programs for 2016-2017 academic year are eligible to apply for multiyear scholarship.
Publish Date: 14th Oct 2015
LGBT Student Safety Program Piloted in LA Unified School District thumbnail image.
LGBT students throughout U.S. to benefit from expansion of LGBT student safety program piloted in LA unified school distric.
Publish Date: 7th Oct 2015
Diversity Scholarship in Memory of Roscoe Trimmier Jr. thumbnail image.
Creation of the Ropes and Gray Roscoe Trimmier Jr. Diversity Scholarship in honor of Mr. Trimmier.
Publish Date: 26th Aug 2015
Intersex Persons: History, Facts and Information thumbnail image.
Even as a newborn, psychologists have discovered the child will be treated very differently depending on the child's gender.
Publish Date: 23rd Apr 2015 - Updated: 30th Jan 2017
Seattle's Bailey-Boushay House  thumbnail image.
People come to the Bailey-Boushay facing a number of challenges including those who have HIV/AIDS, are homeless and destitute.
Publish Date: 23rd Apr 2015
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Community and Religion thumbnail image.
LGBT people and communities often have questions and are confused about religious issues associated with diverse human sexualities and gender identities.
Publish Date: 23rd Apr 2015
Human Services for Low-Income and At-Risk LGBT Populations thumbnail image.
LGBT people may be disproportionately at risk of poor outcomes related to economic security and social well-being compared to the general population.
Publish Date: 17th Mar 2015 - Updated: 17th May 2022
Marquardt Peace and Possibility Speaker Series thumbnail image.
The series aims to bring high profile LGBT leaders and advocates to the university to provide cultural opportunities.
Publish Date: 16th Feb 2015
Discriminatory Harassment Identification and Response - Online Course thumbnail image.
PublicSchoolWORKS course, Discriminatory Harassment - Identification and Response, addresses and helps reduce student-to-student harassment.
Publish Date: 14th Feb 2015
LGBT Youth - Fairness and Equality at School thumbnail image.
With LGBT Youth Twice As Likely To Experience Verbal Harassment, Exclusion, and Physical Attack at School, Student Non-Discrimination Act reintroduced in Congress.
Publish Date: 11th Feb 2015
Asexual - What Does It Mean? thumbnail image.
Defining the term asexual, a person who does not experience sexual attraction.
Publish Date: 10th Feb 2015
Guide to Reporting About Transgender People thumbnail image.
Guide for reporters and others when writing or reporting on the transgender and LGBT community.
Publish Date: 5th Feb 2015 - Updated: 30th Sep 2017
New School Policy Sends Harmful Message to LGBT Students thumbnail image.
New policy created by Rankin County School Board in Mississippi aims to prevent students from forming organizations that support LGBT students.
Publish Date: 17th Jan 2015
Feminizing The World - Why Males are Becoming Less Masculine thumbnail image.
Information on pollutants and chemicals in the environment that are causing sterility and males to be become more feminine.
Publish Date: 14th Jan 2015
College Students Face Stalking Risk thumbnail image.
College students are at higher risk for stalking than the general public, but are less likely to report the crime to police.
Publish Date: 14th Jan 2015 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Focus Hope; Education, Opportunity and Community thumbnail image.
Organization dedicated to practical intelligent solutions to issues of economic disparity, hunger, education and racial divisiveness.
Publish Date: 12th Jan 2015
How To Develop Trust and Faith in Others thumbnail image.
Trust is the expectation of fair exchange, an authentic connection, one that communicates understanding.
Publish Date: 11th Jan 2015
Males Who Commit Sexual Assault on Campus thumbnail image.
Statistics show 20% of females will be the victim of sexual assault while attending college.
Publish Date: 11th Jan 2015
Google for Entrepreneurs to Provide Scholarship Funds for GalvanizeU thumbnail image.
Galvanize announces expanded partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs to support scholarship opportunities at GalvanizeU.
Publish Date: 9th Dec 2014
Supportive High Schools Help Sexual Minority Males thumbnail image.
Supportive high school environments can make a difference to the mental health of male sexual minority students.
Publish Date: 3rd Dec 2014
All Gender Toilet Sign Donations to 80 U.S. Campuses thumbnail image.
Metrosexual all-gender bathroom designs feature simple iconography and clear descriptor.
Publish Date: 18th Nov 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Helping School Districts Serve and Maintain Students with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs thumbnail image.
When troubled students are not served properly, school district staff, and teachers who witness lack of educational progress, can become discouraged.
Publish Date: 18th Nov 2014
Schools Must Balance Ethos with Equality thumbnail image.
Faith based schools are on the rise in the UK, but are religious values at odds with legislation on equality.
Publish Date: 5th Nov 2014
List of Sexual Diversity LGBTQ+ Quotes thumbnail image.
List of uplifting quotations regarding sexual diversity, inclusion, and famous LGBT quotes.
Publish Date: 2nd Nov 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Scholarship Program Makes College Possible for LGBTQ Students  thumbnail image.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students seeking financial assistance for undergraduate or graduate school education encouraged to apply for scholarship.
Publish Date: 15th Oct 2014 - Updated: 23rd Jan 2016
Fellowship for LGBTQ Graduate Students thumbnail image.
LGBTQ graduate business student organization to partner with top MBA schools to offer scholarship, mentorship and leadership opportunities for students.
Publish Date: 15th Oct 2014 - Updated: 10th Jan 2015
Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in the Workplace: A Practical Guide thumbnail image.
Book addresses US workplace law and human resource practice relating to gender identity, sexual orientation, and gender expression.
Publish Date: 14th Oct 2014 - Updated: 25th Sep 2017
Australian Safe Schools Program Promotes Sexual Diversity thumbnail image.
National program aims to create safe and supportive school environments for same-sex-attracted, intersex and gender-diverse people.
Publish Date: 7th Oct 2014 - Updated: 24th Apr 2020
Definitions: Glossary of Sex and Sexuality Words thumbnail image.
Definitions of some of the sexual terms, abbreviations and their meanings you may come across on - and in everyday life.
Publish Date: 4th Oct 2014 - Updated: 11th Feb 2023

1How Many Genders Are There?
Alphabetical list of gender identities.

2Transgender Reporting Guide
How to write about transgender people.

3Glossary of Sexuality Terms
Definitions of sexual terms & acronyms.

4Glossary of Sexual Identities
Definitions of gender related terms.

5Am I Gay? Questions to Ask
Think you may be gay or bisexual?

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