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Planning Your Family's Future in a Marriage Equality State

Source: Sodoma Law, P.C.
Published: 2014-11-17 - Updated: 2015-01-15
Summary: Q and A session to assist same-sex couples to gain understanding of how marriage may impact their daily lives and financial future.

Why get married? Through a question and answer session, the panel will assist same-sex couples to gain a better understanding of how marriage may impact their daily lives and financial future.

Topics include:

What does the marriage equality litigation mean for same-sex marriages in NC?

In light of the ongoing litigation in NC and around the country, learn what you can do to protect your family now and how to plan for the unknown.

The impact of marriage equality on your existing children

Already in a same-sex relationship and raising children? Learn how marriage equality enables stepparent adoptions and coverage by employer-sponsored benefits.

The impact of marriage equality on your future children

Are you considering having children? Marriage equality impacts all areas of creating your family, whether by means of assisted reproductive technology, surrogacy - including assurance of your spouse's name on your child's birth certificate - or adoption.

For better or worse - Planning for the future

Do you know how your wedding vows will impact your finances, property ownership, and inheritance rights? Understand the basics of the marital property rights, as well as how you should adjust your estate planning, health care proxy, and power of attorney to protect your family.

Marriage Equality - What does this mean for my taxes?

Learn what implications the new same-sex marriage law has on filing your taxes and what families should know about new planning opportunities.





WHEN: 7:00-9:00 pm, Monday, December 1, 2014

WHERE: Byron's South End, 101 W Worthington Ave, Charlotte, NC (free parking)



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