SF LGBT Center Convenes Economic Justice Week

Source: SF LGBT Community Center
Published: 2014-10-16 - Updated: 2014-10-21
Summary: Weeklong series of events will focus on rallying LGBTQ community to help those in need, address pressing issues and map out solutions with key stakeholders.

The challenging economic landscape in the San Francisco Bay Area continues to impact the LGBTQ community, creating a set of unique obstacles when it comes to issues like employment and housing. It's a problem that requires the right programs, education and public policy, but it also requires that we talk about it as a community.

Themed "Beyond Survival," the LGBTQ Economic Justice Week will foster the dialogue needed to map the road ahead, while providing comprehensive workshops, services and key resources.

"The stereotype of LGBT affluence is quickly dispelled when we observe that 29% of the homeless in SF identify as LGBTQ, one of many sobering statistics. Despite great need, there's a gap in access to resources," said Clair Farley, Associate Director of Economic Development. "Asset building services with linkage to city partners are the base of the solution; dialogue and community engagement is what will help get us there."

Running from October 19-25, the week of events will include a Town Hall to voice the community's most pressing needs and collectively strategize on how we move forward. Conversations will include voices from every facet of the community, with focus on both local and national issues.

Other event highlights include a kickoff award reception (10/21 from 6-8pm) and a LGBT Career Fair (10/22 from 12-3pm).

Established in 2004, the SF LGBT Center's Economic Development Department was the first initiative nationally to comprehensively address the barriers faced by low and moderate income LGBT individuals and families. Services range from employment to financial and business development programs. Economic Justice Week will not only help inform what we do, but will also rally the community around a common cause.

The SF LGBT Center is a welcoming place for our diverse LGBT community and its supporters to find innovative services and fabulous cultural programs that lead to a stronger and healthier community.

The Center serves over 9,000 visitors and hosts more than 200 events per month.

The Center is located at 1800 Market St. in San Francisco. Learn more about the Center at www.sfcenter.org, or (415) 865-5555.

This information is from our Sexual Diversity Events 2014 section - Full List Here.

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