Educational Events: Getting Pregnant for Lesbians in California

Source: American Fertility Association
Published: 2014-10-06 - Updated: 2015-01-12
Summary: The American Fertility Association and California Cryobank Host Educational Gatherings About Getting Pregnant for Gay Women in California.

National series returns, with events to be held in Oakland on October 8 and West Hollywood on October 28.

The American Fertility Association (The AFA) and California Cryobank announce their Gay Women's Gathering Evening on Lesbian Pregnancy(sm) series will continue with two events this October. The national series makes its return to California with one event coming to Oakland on October 8th, followed by a second event to be held in West Hollywood on October 28th.

The highly acclaimed series focuses on educating gay women with critical information when considering pregnancy. A core focus on family-building safety for LGBT families from legal and medical perspectives is stressed. Issues include choosing between known and unknown sperm donors, conceiving at home or in a doctor's office and fertility health.

The relaxed and conversational events feature stellar faculties of renowned, California-based experts.

Shahin Ghadir, M.D. and Lori Meyers, Esq. head up the faculty in West Hollywood, and Susan Willman, M.D. and Ora Prochovnick, Esq. will be featured in Oakland.

"Three years and close to twenty events later, The American Fertility Association continues to expand our family building work with the LGBT community through the support of our generous sponsor, California Cryobank," says AFA Executive Director, Ken Mosesian. "Looking back, it's deeply gratifying to see how many women have attended these events, and how many more have gone on to realize their dream of family as a result. As the only family-building non-profit in the infertility space with a core commitment to working with all people, The AFA looks forward to hosting many more Gay Women's Gatherings and receiving an ongoing stream of happy baby announcements from former attendees."

"Finding a sperm donor, selecting an insemination procedure, and protecting both parents' legal rights can all have significant, long-term financial, medical and emotional impact on a lesbian family," stated Scott Brown, Director of Client Experience & Communications at California Cryobank. Brown, who will be on the faculty for both events further stated, "California Cryobank is proud to be part of these incredibly important evenings of family building education and support."

The Oakland event takes place on October 8 at Bananas, 5232 Claremont Avenue, from 6 to 8 p.m. It is co-hosted by Our Family Coalition. "The path to having our two kids, Kobi and Talia, was the richest and most important milestone of my life," says Judy Appel, Our Family Coalition's Executive Director. "LGBTQ people are leading the way in helping to broaden the definition of family, and Our Family Coalition is honored to support LGBTQ people in their rich and diverse journeys to parenthood. We are excited to partner with The American Fertility Association to provide this opportunity for cis women to navigate the often complex landscape in making decisions about creating their families."

"As part of the LGBT community, Yogurt Stop is proud to be hosting one of these important events," said Shoshana Joseph, co-owner of the iconic start-up.

The West Hollywood event takes place on October 28 at Yogurt Stop, located at 8803 Santa Monica Blvd., from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The evenings are focused on the lesbian community, but all are welcome to attend.

Two drawings for one free vial of sperm from the donor of your choice, valued at $595-$795, will take place both at both events, compliments of California Cryobank.

Refreshments will be served and educational gift bags given to all participants.

The events are free, but reservations are preferred.

The American Fertility Association (The AFA) is an inclusive organization committed to helping people create their families of choice by providing leading-edge outreach programs and timely educational information. The scope of our work encompasses reproductive and sexual health, infertility prevention and treatment, and family-building options including adoption and third party solutions. The AFA is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization headquartered in New York City.

Call Corey Whelan at 718-853-1411 or Email for information on Oakland. Call Janice Murphy at 718-853-1411 or Email for information on West Hollywood.

This information is from our Sexual Diversity Events 2014 section - Full List Here.

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