LGBT Family Building Seminar - Dallas, October 10th, 2015

Published: 2015-10-08
Summary: Educational event on LGBT family building on October 10th, 2015 at Vivere Surgicenter in Dallas, Texas.

3 Sisters Surrogacy, The Donor Solution Team Up With Vivere Health Dallas, Repromed Fertility to Host LGBT Family Building Seminar; Offer Large Cycle Discounts - Provides panel of experts to educate LGBT community members about all avenues available when growing their families.

3 Sisters Surrogacy and The Donor Solution are partnering with Vivere Health Dallas and Repromed Fertility to offer an important educational event on LGBT family building in Dallas on October 10th, 2015 at Vivere Surgicenter in Dallas. In conjunction with the event, attendees will be able to participate in drawings for significantly discounted and reduced rate IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy cycles.

"We are excited to work alongside Vivere and Repromed Fertility to ensure members of the LGBT community are educated about their options when they decide to start a family," said Mary Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS, and CEO of 3 Sisters Surrogacy and Executive Director of The Donor Solution . "The panel of experts on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for 3rd Party Reproduction are bringing together a wealth of knowledge and expertise to LGBT families, including information about in vitro fertilization (IVF), adoption, gestational surrogacy and egg and sperm donation."

Members of the LGBT community have many options when they are considering expanding their families. The goal of this family building seminar is to provide an overview of the many different ways to build a family and help educate the attendees on the emotional and financial investments of the various family building options including medical, logistical and legal considerations.

"It is definitely the case that LGBT individuals have more options than ever before when they reach the point of desiring to build a family of their own," said Dr. Julian Escobar, MD, a physician specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. "We are here to help make a process that can seem intimidating and complicated less stressful and overwhelming."

Each of the panelists will give a short overview about their area of expertise and then attendees will have the opportunity to ask more in depth questions and participate in a discussion with panelists on a more personal level. Refreshments will be provided and the drawing for discounted IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy cycles will be held at the end of the event.

Registration for the event is required and is now open.

To register, go to

Email your name and amount of people attending to Julia(at)3sisterssurrogacy(dot)com

Text (832) 951-5491. Details about the event are below.


October 10th, 2015 from 10 am to 12 pm Location: Vivere Surgery Center, 12606 Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas, 75243


Dr. Julian Escobar, MD (Physician specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility); Dave Cole, J.D. (Lawyer specializing in adoption law); Dr. Sunday Crider, PhD, HCLD/ELD (ABB)(Embryologist speaking on surrogacy), Mrs. Mary Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS (Registered Nurse specializing in egg donation); Mr. Leo Cusimano (Speaking on adoption experience).

3 Sisters Surrogacy is a concierge surrogacy firm based in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. With a large number of industry connections, the staff of 3 Sisters Surrogacy has a comprehensive referral network of fertility programs, attorneys, mental health and insurance professionals. With extensive screening off all gestational carrier candidates, 3 Sisters Surrogacy is able to provide clients with the trust they seek when creating their family through Gestational Surrogacy.

The Donor Solution is "the solution for extraordinary egg donors". With more than 18 years of Third Party Parenting experience, The Donor Solution, maintains an extensive database of pre-screened egg donors from all races and many ethnicities. With Asian, Hispanic, African-American and Caucasian donors located throughout the Southwestern United States, finding the best egg donor for you family building needs is our passion.

Vivere Health is the leading expert in the nation for building, managing and enhancing multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgery Centers and In Vitro Fertilization Laboratories for comprehensive reproductive health and beyond. Since 2010, Vivere has established multiple Centers of Excellence that provide superior care to thousands of patients each year. Vivere's state-of-the-art surgery centers feature innovative technology, a warm and inviting environment and an experienced team of healthcare professionals including world-class reproductive endocrinologists. Our national network of fertility centers provides superior clinical outcomes and a national network of specialists offering advanced reproductive techniques and treatments for male and female infertility.

ReproMed Fertility Center is a leading fertility center in Dallas with convenient locations across the DFW Metroplex. Dr. Anil Pinto and Dr. Julian Escobar are experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate fertility health specialists. They will effectively diagnose any infertility issues and map out a treatment plan best suited for your individual needs. Our staff strives to provide a confidential, understanding environment where they will personally talk to you about your unique reproductive health needs and concerns. Your goals become our goals and we want nothing more than to help you achieve them.

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