Empowered Trans Woman Summit for Transgender Women and Allies

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Published: 2017-09-30
Summary: Free Empowered Trans Woman Summit, an online conference focused on well-being and success of transgender women will commence October 2nd.

The Empowered Trans Woman Summit, a FREE online conference focused on the well-being and success of transgender women will kick off Monday, October 2nd.

Taking place from Oct 2nd to Oct 15th, this ONLINE event brings together 24 prominent transgender women and 22 trans-focused professionals, sharing tips and advice from their hard-won knowledge to empower and inspire transitioning women, their parents, partners and allies.

This first-ever Free Online Conference for transwomen and their allies features an amazing lineup of speakers, including:

"As a Sexologist - as a human who is committed to a world free of sexual shame - as a human is committed to people's gender and sexual expression - I support this work wholeheartedly. This work is coming at a time that is desperately needed, and I support any work that allows for the healing and celebration of humans. Thank you for this!" Dr. HazelGrace Yates

"Finally! A collective work of much needed voices to empower, support, and recognize gender variance inherent in our humanity. Thank you for your hard work!" Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva PhD

Key Topics at the Empowered Transwoman Online Summit Include

Am I transgender?

Some transfolk know from early childhood, with an unwavering certainty. Some others, facing the weight of transphobia and fearing isolation, push their feelings deep down, sometimes denying them entirely - only to have those feelings bubble up later in life. Yet some others, lacking context and information, misunderstand their feelings, and never find a channel for their identity until at some point they become aware of transgenderism as a human condition. At the summit, we'll discuss the various narratives in our common experience.

Beyond The Binary - Options & Choices

It's common to feel pressure from society. Pressure to conform to the heteronormative and, once embracing one's gender non-normativity, to feel pressured to follow one path. In reality, each individual is unique, and each of us is writing our own story. We'll sit down with genderfluid, gender non-conforming, and genderqueer folk. We'll meet individuals embracing their own choices of gender expression, and we'll explore what gender means to each of us.

From Shame to Pride - Discovering Your Strength

It's not uncommon that becoming aware of our gender "non-compliance" is a realization accompanied by regret, shame, a sense of loss. We become aware that we're not like the others, and we may feel isolated and alone. If this is coupled by transphobic messages at home, in our social circles or in the media, this can lead to internalized feelings of shame - which can bring about a host of problems. Shame is self-rejection. It leads nowhere. Taking pride in who you are can help you blossom into a unique, amazing person.

Social Transition - Coming Out Transgender

Coming out is a very personal experience. One must navigate aspects of personal safety, test the strength of bonds with family and friends, risk social and financial repercussions. We explore the challenges of coming out to family, to friends, to your religious community, at the workplace and at school, to one's parents and to our children.

Building a Support Group

We are social beings. Having a social circle is essential to the human experience. When confronted by a major life event, having a support circle can make the difference between success and failure - between finding the strength to persevere in the face of obstacles and challenges, or giving up full of regret. It's important to have a strong support group - family, friends, co-workers who stand up as allies and say "I'll be there for you." We talk about "building your team," and also dealing with non-supportive acquaintances.

Presenting Your Best Self

Beauty tips! Electrolysis! Fashion! Most of us never had the opportunity to learn beauty tips as a natural part of becoming a young woman. We're struggling to catch up. What are the best ways to learn, quickly, what is usually learn from mother to daughter, from middle-school friends? We'll interview some experts and share their best tips with you.

Medical Aspects of Transition

The most intimidating aspect of gender transition for many of us are the medical steps. We interview transition-focused medical professionals, and gals who have gone through the process, to bring focus to the steps involved, how to best prepare yourself for the various medical procedures, and what to expect during, and after, these procedures.

A Healthy State of Mind

Transition is a difficult life event. And depending where you live, the simple act of living as a transgender woman can take a toll. It's easy to succumb to negative thoughts or get down on yourself. Maintaining a positive state of mind is essential, and we'll cover different strategies for keeping a healthy state of mind.

Parents, Spouses & Partners & Kids of Trans Folk

Coming out to family can be quite challenging. They have witnessed you in their lives in one form, and may be reluctant - or simply awkward - at adapting to the new you. On top of that, there are their expectations as to the role you'd occupy in their lives; and it can be even tougher if their worldview or religious beliefs hold them back from seeing you for you are. We'll talk about the best ways to deal with these difficult interpersonal dynamics.

Gender Transition & Career - School & The Workplace

By far the most stressful aspect of coming out trans can be the workplace. An income is essential to function in this society. Beyond that, we want to be proud of our careers and we want to be respected and accepted in the workplace. We'll talk about being trans at work, with women in many different career paths.

The Political Climate: Trans Activism

The current administration has proven itself no friend of LGBT people. And it has targeted transfolk in particular, in efforts to pander to 'conservative' (bigoted) politicians. There are many ways to fight back. We'll talk to several activists who are doing just that.

Empowered Trans Woman Summit would like to thank its sponsors: Lambda Legal, Trans* Lounge, Los Angeles LGBT Center, LGBT Center of Orange County, Utah Pride Center, Transcend Legal

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