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Women's Broadcast Television Network Welcomes New Hosts

Author: The Women's Broadcast Television Network (WBTVN)
Published: 19th Oct 2017
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Summary:, the first online digital TV Network dedicated to original content created for women, announces addition of 4 new shows and television hosts.

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The Women's Broadcast Television Network ( announces today the addition of four new shows and television hosts. WBTVN is the first online digital TV Network dedicated to original content created for women. Its new lineup features "Life on Purpose" with Carolyn McGraw, "COLORS of Rhina" with Rhina Valentin, "Navigate Autism" with Jane Lynn Britton, and the "Betty Show" with Betty Snowden.

"Becoming an inspirational speaker was at the top of my bucket list," says new host Carolyn McGraw, "and little could I have imagined that I would land beyond my dream right into my very own TV show! 'Life on Purpose' is an inspirational, informative talk show where fascinating guests share their 'aha' moments in finding their talent, passion and purpose. As a spiritually minded entrepreneur, author, poet, life and business coach, my passion is helping others to fly higher, like a Fairy Godmother waving my 'magic empowerment wand' igniting wishes and dreams faster!"

"As a former HR leader, coach and trainer, I love sharing information and helping others overcome challenges," says Jane Lynn Britton, the host of 'Navigate Autism,' the only autism TV show of its genre. "After homeschooling my son for 8 years, and now watching him thrive again in school, I am so excited to be working with other parents of children with autism to share my gentle and natural techniques, experiences, and resources that helped my son go from completely exclusive and "in his own world," to being interactive, social and very connected with others. I do that through my coaching business, and now my new TV show on WBTVN. 'Navigate Autism' is entertaining, learning and raising awareness to a whole new level."

"We are excited about the growth of WBTVN in such a short amount of time," says Shea Vaughn, co-founder "Our programs are not about pitching products; they share information and speak to people, relationships and topics we all care about. We are so grateful for the launch of our new hosts; they are an exciting addition to the WBTVN lineup."

The Women's Broadcast Television Network (WBTVN) is the first OTT online TV network with original content created for women and reaching an audience of over 30 million through OTT partners Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Google Play and more. WBTVN sees into the future and is providing a new visual meeting place today for women to Connect, Collaborate and Communicate.

"You Don't Have to Be a Celebrity to Be a Star"

WBTVN offers hosts the opportunity to deliver informative and moving stories, fresh products, compelling services and smart new ideas to an avid audience who demand current, professional and advanced content that employs best practices. WBTVN is the place for viewers to explore breakthrough viewpoints from a woman's perspective in art, health, performance, science, music, business, finance and mor

Download the App: Women on TV or watch online at and learn more about the WBTVN network of stations. To learn more about becoming one of its hosts, visit:

WBTVN is hosted by some of the biggest and brightest women in the world. Please visit us at

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