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Author: Sexual Diversity
Published: Sunday 18th January 2015 - Updated: Wednesday 21st January 2015
Summary: List of famous people and celebrities who were or are confirmed as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

This is a partial list of confirmed famous people who were or are gay, lesbian or bisexual. (Famous people who are simply rumored to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, are not listed.)

Once it was considered a potentially career-ending acknowledgment, but a growing number of celebrities over the past years have come out with relatively little fanfare. The high prevalence of people from the West on this list may be due to societal attitudes toward homosexuality.

The Pew Research Center's 2003 Global Attitudes Survey found that;

The following listing names many prominent people who have identified themselves publicly as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

NameFamous For...
Alejandro AmenabarSpanish Filmmaker
Aleksey ApukhtinRussian Poet
Alex AuLGBT rights activist, writer
Alexander the GreatKing and conqueror
Alice ArnoldBritish Ex BBC Radio 4 Newsreader
Alistair AppletonBritish Television presenter
Allison AdlerTelevision writer, producer
Alvin AileyDancer, choreographer
Alyson AnnanAustralian Field hockey gold medalist
Amelia Atwater-RhodesWriter
Anne-Marie AlonzoCanadian Writer
AntAmerican Actor, comedian
Anthony AsquithFilm director
AntinousBeloved of Roman Emperor Hadrian
Assi AzarTelevision personality
Axel and Eigil AxgilFirst gay couple in the world joined in a civil union
Bela Ewald AlthansGerman Neo-Nazi activist
Berenice AbbottPhotographer
Bert ArcherCanadian Writer
Bettina ApthekerAmerican Activist, academic
Billie Joe ArmstrongAmerican Rock musician (Green Day)
Boy AbundaJournalist
Boy GeorgeMember of the 1980s pop group Culture Club
Brett AndersonBritish Rock musician (Suede)
Chad AllenActor, gay activist
Chantal AkermanBelgian Filmmaker
Chip ArndtAmerican Reality TV show contestant, LGBT rights activist
Christian Wilhelm AllersGerman Painter
Clay AikenSinger, songwriter, American Idol runner- up
Dallas AngguishAustralian Writer
David AmesBritish Actor
Dawn AireyBritish Television executive
Dennis AltmanAustralian Academic, LGBT rights activist
Dominic AgostinoPolitician
Dorothy AllisonAmerican Writer
Dorothy ArznerFilm director
Edward AlbeePlaywright
Edward AvedisianPainter
Efva AttlingSwedish Jewelry designer
Emperor Ai of HanChinese (Han Dynasty) Head of state
Eric AllmanComputer programmer
Faisal AlamLGBT Muslim rights activist
Frederick AshtonChoreographer
Gaye AdegbalolaBlues musician
Gloria E. AnzalduaAmerican Writer
Gordon Stewart AndersonCanadian Writer
Gregg ArakiAmerican Filmmaker
Harold ActonArt writer, aesthete
Harry AndrewsBritish Actor
Henry AlleyAuthor, academic
Howard AshmanLyricist
J. C. AdamsGay porn journalist
J. R. AckerleyWriter, arts editor of The Listener
Jake ArnottBritish Author
Jane AddamsSocial reformer, Nobel prize winner
Jane AndersonAmerican Actress, playwright, director
Janet AalfsMartial artist, poet
Jean AckerActress, wife of actor Rudolph Valentino
Jean-Jacques AillagonFrench Politician
Jean-Paul AronFrench Writer
Jerzy AndrzejewskiPolish Author
Jillian ArmenanteAmerican Actress, writer
Joey AriasAmerican Performance artist, drag performer
John AlcornCanadian Jazz musician
John AmaechiBasketball player, broadcaster
John AravosisAmerican LGBT rights activist
John AshberyPoet
John AthertonAnglican bishop executed for buggery
John AugustScreenwriter
John Bodkin AdamsDoctor, suspected serial killer
John S. ArrowoodJudge
Joseph AlsopAmerican Journalist
Judith ArndtGerman Cyclist
Kamal Al- SolayleeCanadian Journalist, writer
Karen AtalaChilean Lawyer, fighting for custody of her children
Katarzyna AdamikFilm director
Katharine AnthonyAmerican Biographer
Kathy AckerWriter, feminist
Kenneth AngerAmerican Filmmaker, author
Kevin AvianceEntertainer
Kevyn AucoinMake-up artist
Kutlug AtamanTurkish Filmmaker
Kwame Anthony AppiahGhanaian Philosopher, writer
Laura AntoniouAmerican Author
Leroy F. AaronsJournalist
Lindsay AndersonBritish Film director
Louis AragonFrench Poet, novelist
Louise AbbemaPainter, designer
Luisa Isabel alvarez de Toledo21st Duchess of Medina Sidonia
Laszlo AlmasyHungarian Explorer, spy
Marc AcitoAuthor
Marc AllegretFrench Film director
Marc AlmondBritish Rock musician
Margie AdamWomen's Music performer
Mark AdamoClassical music composer
Mary Ellicott ArnoldSocial activist, writer
Matt AlberSinger, songwriter
Maud AllanCanadian Dancer
Michael AligParty promoter, murderer
Michael Ausielloelevision journalist
Mario de AndradeBrazilian Writer
Nadine AngererGerman Football (soccer) player
Napier SturtBritish Peer
Newton ArvinWriter, academic
Nickie AntonioAmerican Politician
Nicola AdamsOlympic boxer
Nils AstherStage and silent film actor
Othniel AskewPolitician, murderer
Pat ArrowsmithWriter, peace activist
Patience AgbabiPoet, performer
Paula AboudPolitician, activist
Paula Gunn AllenAmerican Writer
Pedro AlmodovarSpanish Filmmaker
Peter AckroydAuthor
Peter AllenAustralian Entertainer
Pietro AretinoItalian Writer, satirist
Reinaldo ArenasCuban Writer
Rob AstburyJournalist, television presenter
Robert AndrewsBritish Actor
Robert ArnoldNew Zealand Pop musician
Robert ArthurActor
Roberta AchtenbergAmerican Politician
Roberto Aguirre- SacasaPlaywright, writer for Marvel Comics
Ron AtheyArtist
Roy AshburnPolitician
Ruth AndersonAmerican Composer
Salvatore AntonioCanadian Actor, writer
Sam AdamsFirst openly gay Portland, Oregon City Council member, first openly gay mayor of a major US city (Portland)
Sandra AllandCanadian Writer, artist, activist
Sarah AldridgeAmerican Author
Scott AmedureJenny Jones Murder victim
Seimone AugustusBasketball player
Sheldon AndelsonAmerican Politician
Sibilla AleramoItalian Writer
Simon AmstellBritish Comedian, television presenter
Stephen K. AmosBritish Comedian
Steve AntinAmerican Actor, screenwriter
Sverker AstromSwedish Diplomat
Ted AllenFood and wine connoisseur
Thomas AdesComposer
Ti-Grace AtkinsonAmerican Feminist author
Tom AmmianoSan Francisco City Supervisor, comedian
Toni AtkinsAmerican Politician
Tony AyresFilm director, screenwriter
Tracey AdamsPorn performer
Trey AnthonyCanadian Comedian, playwright
W. H. AudenPoet
Waheed Alli, Baron AlliBusinessman, first openly gay peer in Parliament
Will AitkenCanadian Writer
Willem ArondeusDutch Painter
Zackie AchmatLGBT and AIDS activist

NOTE: If you can add to this list please contact us or add the details in our comment form below and we will verify and add the person to the list of famous LGBT's.

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