Book: Two Gay Muslim Couples by Ali

Author: Lulu
Published: Saturday 1st November 2014
Summary: The book Two Gay Muslim Couples gives a look into lives of gay men living in Iraq Iran Afghanistan and Middle Eastern Muslim countries.

The couples depicted in "Two Gay Muslim Couples" all live in regions where homosexuality is punishable and repressed.

They face physical as well as psychological damage and are unable to express their love unless they seek refuge in another country.

Through his book, Ali aims to give readers a realistic account of the plights and psychological problems many gay couples face in Muslim countries.

"By writing this book," Ali says, "I want to create awareness in the readers who still do not understand the psychology of homosexuality and who think that gay lifestyle is a matter of choice, not something innate."

An excerpt from "Two Gay Muslim Couples":

Two Gay Muslim Couples Book Cover
Two Gay Muslim Couples Book Cover
"The following story of love between Ahmad and Mahmud unfolds first in Chahar Asyab district, which is located in the south of Kabul about seven miles from the capital. It is a green and fertile valley surrounded by mountains on three sides. The river of Kabul, which flows through Chahar Asyab, is an important source of cultivation in the area."

"Two Gay Muslim Couples" By Ali

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 180 pages | ISBN 9781483415857

E-Book | 180 pages | ISBN 9781483415840

About the Author

Ali, the author of "Two Gay Muslim Couples," is from Tehran, Iran. He belongs to an upper-class Iranian family. He holds a master's degree in philosophy and English literature. He has traveled throughout the Middle East, the subcontinent of Indo-Pakistan and Europe.

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