Science, Scripture, and Same-Sex Love - A Father's Personal Journey

Author: Michael B. Regele
Published: Thursday 13th November 2014
Summary: A journey filled with theological reflection on biblical passages that play key roles in debates over homosexuality.

Much has been debated about faith and homosexuality; and both sides have demonized and excluded the other. In a new book, Science, Scripture and Same-Sex Love (Abingdon Press), Michael B. Regele invites readers to join him in his journey of what science and the Bible say about same-sex love using an inclusive approach to the latest scientific research and theology.

When faced with his daughter's coming out Regele, an author, ordained Presbyterian Minister, Christian educator, business executive, and father of five, sought to bring together sexual ethics and the act of loving as God loves us to find better clarity in his new life. This rocky journey is taken by many parents, friends and family members, and Christian leaders when loved ones reveal their sexuality. Often confronting fears, feelings of loss, confusion, and uncertainty - especially where one might have thought there was certainty - Regele addresses these emotions with personal insight and clarity.

"As I reflected upon Christianity, homosexuality, and the love I have for my child, I felt no one had provided a helpful roadmap for me to follow," says Regele. "It is my hope that utilizing original scientific data and research combined with extensive biblical interpretation and prayer will foster discussions and allow academic and mainstream readers with different perspectives to see that faith, family, and human sexuality can exist without alienating each other."

Regele's clear and personal writing with concern for churches and an understanding of LGBT communities offers people words to begin their own conversations.

A journey filled with theological reflection on biblical passages that play key roles in debates over homosexuality, use of current medical, psychological, neurobiological, and sociological data on sexual orientation and identity, and pastoral insight of the challenges of organizational change in local congregations and larger denominational bodies that combine to offer honest exploration of tough questions.

"It's safe to say the book is truly one of a kind... To find all of these concerns and perspectives together is rare indeed," noted activist and author Brian D. McLaren.

Grant Hagiya, Resident Bishop of the Greater Northwest Area of The United Methodist Church adds that "Regele writes with a deep compassion to all sides but never compromises on spiritual integrity or solid research. He assists all of us in sorting through the complexity of issues and come to a balanced examination of our feelings and attitudes."

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Michael B. Regele is a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA), CEO of DecisionInsite and MissionInsite, and author of several books and study guides. To learn more and to read his blog, visit or

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