19 Year Old Author Brings Awareness to Disability in 'The Color Orange'

Author: YM & Associates PR
Published: Saturday 17th April 2021
Summary: Follow Robbie as he color codes and shade ranges people and experiences. He discovers everyone is a different color, and it's beautiful.

19-Year old author Me'Chele Sevanesian's "The Color Orange" brings awareness to disability and self-discovery.

"The Color Orange" is a fictional, young-adult novel surrounding disability and self-discovery. Follow Robbie as he color codes and shade ranges people and experiences. He meets friends who become close like family while discovering everyone is a different color, and it's beautiful. New Degree Press publishing will house the novel for publishing in August of 2021.

Image of author, Me'Chele Sevanesian, smiling
Image of author, Me'Chele Sevanesian, smiling

Me'Chele Sevanesian is a 19-year old, passionate writer who saw a void in young-adult literature for a positive, non-patronizing story about neurodiversity and disability. Through "The Color Orange, her goal is to change the 'single-story narrative' often surrounding disability in neuro-typical culture by providing a series of narratives expressed by those with disabilities and their caregivers. Each of their stories is unique, carrying a wide range of experience in the eyes of disability.

"I have purposefully written a book about a group of individuals who are widely different in their diagnoses, and most importantly, their personalities. Additionally, as a neurotypical and able-bodied woman, I want my commentary not to define or overshadow the work done in the disability community but rather to highlight ignorance as an ally. This story embodies autism and follows the perspective of one boy among millions who share a spectrum diagnosis. This book is by no means an attempt to define or shape the autism culture or any other cultures listed here. Robbie is undoubtedly an inspirational person, and he overcomes and discovers parts about himself throughout the novel. Still, the purpose of my character(s) is to blur the lines that are set by social stigma," said Sevanesian.

The novel's official release date will be announced in the upcoming months. Until then, Sevanesian is crowdfunding to raise funds needed for a successful launch. The IndieGoGo website lists packages for preorders. Beneath each box lists options for purchase with corresponding descriptions. To view the "The Color Orange," review publisher information or to pre-order, please visit her indigogo page at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-color-orange#/.


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