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LGBT Literature: Stories, Books, Guides, Publications: Article List:

Full list of articles and documents from the Sexual Diversity LGBT Literature: Stories, Books, Guides, Publications category. Though these articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

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Literature Publications
Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to all Creation by Olivia Judson– a book review thumbnail image.
The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex: A delightful opportunity to watch things get weird and wild in the name of science and sex.
Publish Date: 14th Jun 2023
Delta of Venus: Erotica by Anais Nin - Book Review thumbnail image.
Book review of Delta of Venus, a collection of fifteen erotic short stories.
Publish Date: 28th Apr 2023 - Updated: 29th Apr 2023
Mansplaining: Importance of Discourses that Expose Sexist Practices thumbnail image.
Research in the book: Toxic Masculinity, Men, Meaning and Digital Media with a chapter on sexist practices.
Publish Date: 23rd Mar 2023
Violent Affections Book Reveals LGBTQI Hate Crimes in Russia thumbnail image.
Dr. Alexander Kondakov highlights devastating impact of anti-queer rhetoric in his new book Violent Affections revealing techniques of power behind LGBTQI hate crimes in Russia.
Publish Date: 2nd Mar 2023
Banned Books Week: Book Bans Are An Attack on LGBTQ Youth thumbnail image.Banned Books Week: Book Bans Are An Attack on LGBTQ Youth thumbnail image.
GLAAD points to book bans as just one arm of the organized national attack on LGBTQ youth as a new pen America report reveals nearly half of banned books are targeted due to LGBTQ content.
Publish Date: 19th Sep 2022 - Updated: 25th Sep 2022
19 Year Old Author Brings Awareness to Disability in 'The Color Orange' thumbnail image.
Follow Robbie as he color codes and shade ranges people and experiences. He discovers everyone is a different color, and it's beautiful.
Publish Date: 17th Apr 2021 - Updated: 9th Aug 2023
Book Review: Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia thumbnail image.
A personal review of the debut novel by Gabriela Garcia.
Publish Date: 27th Mar 2021 - Updated: 6th Sep 2022
Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself by Tsara Shelton thumbnail image.Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself by Tsara Shelton thumbnail image.
Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself - Candid book by Tsara Shelton offers a unique and intimate narrative on parenting, autism, and growing up.
Publish Date: 16th Apr 2020 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Gay Daughter Unmasks Her Coming Out Story thumbnail image.
Refocusing My Family - Gay daughter of Focus on the Family executive unmasks her coming out story with new memoir.
Publish Date: 23rd Sep 2017
Erotic Literature Facts and Statistics Chart thumbnail image.
Facts and statistics chart regarding erotic literature including who is reading erotica and how it can affect relationships.
Publish Date: 4th Jul 2017 - Updated: 26th Oct 2022
The Parcel: Transgender Sex Worker and Trafficked Child Break Hearts thumbnail image.
The Parcel is a book about Madhu, a retired transgendered sex worker who is asked to look after a young girl who has been trafficked into the red-light district of Bombay.
Publish Date: 17th Jan 2017
Does Fifty Shades of Grey Have It Backward thumbnail image.
Despite fictional portrayals, wealthy and powerful men are far more likely to be submissive - not dominant - in the bedroom.
Publish Date: 4th Dec 2015
From Darkness to Diva by Skye High thumbnail image.
From Darkness To Diva is a new book by Internationally published Australian drag queen author, Skye High.
Publish Date: 19th Nov 2015 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Fifty Shades of Grey: How Young Females View the Relationship thumbnail image.
Fifty Shades of Grey is a safe and valuable way to discuss healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics.
Publish Date: 18th Nov 2015
Future of Children: What is Next for Research on LGBT Families thumbnail image.
Authored by Gary J. Gates, the chapter notes that as same-sex couples marry, research can focus more on how dynamics of LGBT parenting and families can provide insights into the functioning of all families.
Publish Date: 16th Oct 2015
Guide for LGBT Muslims: Coming Home to Islam and To Self thumbnail image.
Guide to help LGBT Muslims seeking to reconnect with their faith and build more inclusive communities.
Publish Date: 15th Oct 2015
Lee Geiger's Pearls of Asia Breaks Down LGBT Community Barriers thumbnail image.
Book: Pearls of Asia, by Lee Geiger, calls for attention to trans attracted men and straight trans allies.
Publish Date: 15th Oct 2015 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Author Sends Gay Memoir to Catholic Leaders thumbnail image.
Disheartened by SCOTUS decision, Gregory Gerard mails copies of his gay, Catholic, coming-of-age memoir In Jupiters Shadow to 278 active US cardinals, bishops and Pope Francis.
Publish Date: 22nd Sep 2015
Enter Miss Thang - LGBT Non-Fiction Book of 2014 thumbnail image.
Enter Miss Thang became a national best seller and ends the year as the most honored LGBT Non-Fiction Book of 2014.
Publish Date: 12th Jan 2015
Hooking Up: A Sexy Encounter with Choice thumbnail image.
Free e-book, Hooking Up A Sexy Encounter with Choice, demystifies the college hookup culture and social scene.
Publish Date: 11th Jan 2015
Uganda President Sent Book on Homosexuality in Animals as Christmas Gift thumbnail image.
German online dating company has sent a book on homosexuality in animals to the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni.
Publish Date: 22nd Dec 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Gender and Sexual Diversity in Schools thumbnail image.
Book provides frameworks for practices supportive of LGBT students and specific curricular subjects for major academic disciplines at all levels of education.
Publish Date: 11th Dec 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Gaysia Book Wins Two Rainbow Awards thumbnail image.
Benjamin Law has won two Rainbow Awards for his travelogue Gaysia - Adventures in the Queer East.
Publish Date: 10th Dec 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
PFLAG National: Guide to Being a Trans Ally thumbnail image.
Guide to being a trans ally is a new publication and training series from the Straight for Equality project.
Publish Date: 9th Dec 2014 - Updated: 24th Apr 2020
Challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Gender Non-conformity thumbnail image.
Case studies explores challenges in providing psychotherapy to individuals with ASD who are also struggling with gender identity - gender dysphoria (GD).
Publish Date: 2nd Dec 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Frontiers Gay-Friendly Doctors and Hospitals Guide thumbnail image.
Frontiers Media will publish the first annual health care directory for LGBTs in Los Angeles on Dec. 11.
Publish Date: 25th Nov 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Science, Scripture, and Same-Sex Love - A Father's Personal Journey thumbnail image.
A journey filled with theological reflection on biblical passages that play key roles in debates over homosexuality.
Publish Date: 13th Nov 2014
Dr. Love: Expert On Sex, Love and Relationships thumbnail image.
Dr. Loves conflict resolution and communication methods turn clashes with spouses, partners, and family members or friends into deeper lasting connections.
Publish Date: 6th Nov 2014
The Fenway Guide to LGBT Health thumbnail image.
Groundbreaking textbook to teach current and future providers about health-care needs of sexual minorities.
Publish Date: 6th Nov 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health Issues Handbook thumbnail image.
The Handbook of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Public Health: A Practitioners Guide to Service.
Publish Date: 5th Nov 2014 - Updated: 27th Nov 2014
Chasing Lightning - Book by Rachel York thumbnail image.
Chasing Lightning is an LGBT romance novel currently available for purchase on Amazon.
Publish Date: 2nd Nov 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Book: Two Gay Muslim Couples by Ali thumbnail image.
The book Two Gay Muslim Couples gives a look into lives of gay men living in Iraq Iran Afghanistan and Middle Eastern Muslim countries.
Publish Date: 1st Nov 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Diving to the Bottom of Your Eyes by Hierro Blanco thumbnail image.
Author Hierro Blanco uses verse to tell a tale of romance and the self-realization in his new novel, Diving to the Bottom of Your Eyes.
Publish Date: 1st Nov 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022

1How Many Genders Are There?
Alphabetical list of gender identities.

2Transgender Reporting Guide
How to write about transgender people.

3Glossary of Sexuality Terms
Definitions of sexual terms & acronyms.

4Glossary of Gender Terms
Definitions of gender related terms.

5Am I Gay? Questions to Ask
Think you may be gay or bisexual?

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