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Golden Showers and Other Fun Things

Author: Anon
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Published: 21st Feb 2024 - Updated: 30th Mar 2024
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Summary: An erotic sex story featuring golden showers with urophagia, cum tributes, and more.

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I Googled every sexual term I could think of to research possible techniques we hadn't tried, then I looked on porn sites to learn the skills. Nice list. I tried to jailbreak Chatgpt without luck. Must be Evangelical programmers. If I was going to be a sex therapist, I needed to know and practice every possibility. I'd be a healer.

The next time at Brother Smith's house, I immediately tea-bagged him. He was fixing us dinner, stirring something on the stove. I quietly kneeled to my knees, parted his hard buns, and took his scrotum into my mouth, pleasuring them.

"Wow, what're you doing to my balls?"

I let go of them. "It's called tea-bagging. Probably from the English, you know how kinky they are."

Maeve said, "That's not kinky. If you tied them in leather and put clothes pins on his sack, that would be kinky."

She joined me, moving her mouth up and down his sack as he continued cooking with his legs spread wide enough for the two of us.

He turned the stove down and turned around since he was turned on. "I don't want to cum into the frying pan, you better get me off first."

We did, kissing him and each other, sucking until he spewed.

"Thanks." He turned around and turned the burner up since he was no longer turned on.

We were still turned on. I wanted to invite my floor mates over for an orgy but instead, pulled out a photo of the President. "Have you heard of a cum tribute?"

"No," Maeve said. "What is it?"

"A man ejaculates on a picture of someone he doesn't like - it's symbolic."

"So that's why you have the President's photo?"


Aaron turned the stove off. "Dinner's ready." He prepared our plates. Avocados, asparagus, and oysters with blueberries embedded. Made me wet. As he sat down and looked at the photo, he grimaced. "I don't think I could get off on that. He's old and ugly. Look at that weird hair."

"We'll get you off, just aim at the photograph."


A glass or two of red wine helped him relax. After dinner, we got on our knees. I held the photograph in front of my nose ready to be jizzed on.

"Wish I could do this in person," Aaron said.

"You could do his wife, and she'd make you come a bucket, then you could dump it on the President's face."

He liked that image and spurted. The photograph was so wet, it melted as it sizzled. "You must really dislike him."

"Well, he's a rapist, cheats on his taxes, and doesn't pay his contractors. He's declared bankruptcy a hundred times. I can't understand why some Sermons and Evangelicals support him."

On to the next activity. I wanted them to stick interesting things into my urethra, then I'd do it to them. It was a challenge since most objects are too large or could hurt. The best we could do was use our tongues. Interesting. Made me think of trying golden showers.

We went to the bathtub and prepared. Good thing we sucked down some beers. Aaron let loose on us girls and darned-near drowned us. I spit urine from my mouth. "Geez, Bro, you should have warned us. I had my mouth partially open."

"Sorry Sis, when you piss on my face, I'll drink some."

"Okay, your turn."

He lay down in the tub. I balanced Maeve. She peed all over his face and body.

"Good job, my turn."

I had anticipated this activity and hadn't peed all afternoon. Four beers and eight cokes, both illegal according to the church. Man, I pissed on both of them. I filled their mouths and noses until they gagged from the smell of beer and the eight diet cokes. They sat up snorting and trying to clear their nostrils. "Geez, Ailsa, you must have a huge bladder."

I squirted some more. Hit him in the eyes. He shook off like a dog.

Fun stuff, golden showers.

"What's next on the list?" Maeve asked.

"It's called urophagia." I smiled. "We'll drink each other's urine."

Aaron said, "I already drank yours."

"Well, you need to drink Maeve's too."

More beer was needed since our bladders were empty. A couple of hours after a case of Coors, we shared our piss. We didn't realize it, but alcohol runs right through you. We were drunker than skunks in a watermelon patch. Back in Medieval times, the peasants hid under the royalty's outhouses so they could catch their urine and get drunk. A person had to do what he had to for a good time. I wondered, How did they know when the royals were drinking? Oh, the servants. Yep, they must have sent word.

The next weekend, we invited the six dorm mates over. They were so excited they were wet before they arrived. They were all over Aaron and after getting off on Mr. Stubby, were all over Maeve and me, then we were all over them. It was all over, we were fucking exhausted all over again. We fell asleep and the nice sweet Sermon girls went back to the dorm. They slept soundly. At breakfast in the cafeteria, they shyly mouthed, "Thank you for sharing."

We'd get together again, maybe after finals.

I educated my partners on erotic-comatose lucidity or sex zombism, a technique of sex magic that is used in many ways by different spiritual communities.

I tried to find one of the spiritual sex communities so we could visit. Seems they don't build websites. Probably wasn't much money in the practice. Okay, so I'd be a regular sex therapist.

A common form of the ritual uses repeated sexual stimulation not to orgasm to place the individual in a state between full sleep and full wakefulness as well as exhaustion, allowing the person to commune with their spiritual guide.

A trance is induced through sexual exhaustion. Participants didn't enter sleep but rather a state between sleep and wakefulness. The goal was to arouse your partner sexually and exhaust him in the process. The pleasure receiver is passive and simply lies there while we worked him over. Eventually, Aaron would sink into sleep due to exhaustion. We would try to bring him aware without awakening him through more sexual stimulation. The exhaustion will lead to a trance or the sleep of lucidity.

Aaron should be neither too tired nor too uncomfortable to aid in the trance-like state. Once he reached a near-waking state, sexual stimulation stopped. He was then permitted to sink back toward but not into sleep. This was repeated indefinitely until he reached a state between sleep and wakefulness in which communing with a higher power may occur. Some say a goal during this time is to not become lost in the trance-like state, but to remain open without directing an outcome.

We could conduct spiritual work while in this state or witness mystical events. Exhaustion may not be necessary if he is bodily pure, meaning he wasn't a slut and didn't have any STDs.

The rite may end in two ways. Aaron could simply sink into total sleep, or he may achieve orgasm and then sink into a deep and undisturbable sleep. Upon awakening, we'd write down everything he experienced, witnessed, or was told. Any semen or elixir, called the Cake of Light, produced must be consumed by him. Of course, we'd help him since he produced buckets.

"Okay, do you understand and freely consent?" I asked my adoptive bro.

He shrugged. "You girls will let me put you into a zombie state next weekend, right?'

"Of course."

He lay back on the bed, ready to become a sex zombie. We gave him a Tantric massage. His body became extremely relaxed and rubbery. He snored. I brought him nearly awake by sitting my vagina on his nose. Back to work, touching lightly with feathers. He giggled. Not a good plan. A deep trigger massage. He winced. Okay, not too hard or too soft. This was going to take some doing.

We worked his body over, sucking, licking, rubbing. He dozed, a slight smile on his face. I whispered, "Enter the divine, ask the angels any question, go ahead, ask."

I saw his lips moving. She must be beautiful and sensual since Mr. Stubby went extra hard and sniffed for our pussies. We increased our activity, bringing him close to orgasm, and a slight smile appeared on his lips. He had an answer. We weren't sure how long to keep him in the sex zombie state, and we wanted to orgasm. "Okay," I whispered in Maeve's ear, "Go ahead and ride him, but if you feel he's ready to climax, we'll trade."

Hours, sweet hours. Soon, we were all zombies. Our arms stood stiffly in front of our chests with limp wrists as we pounded his pecker, trading off, time after time. I entered the Zone. I talked to Saint Peter. He was very old and crippled. Not what I imagined. Couldn't think of a question. I traded with Maeve. Not sure who she talked to, but she smiled. I pushed her off before she climaxed. My turn again. I closed my eyes as I humped his massive tool. Who should I seek to meet? It came to me, Lao Tazu.

I asked, "What is the greatest lesson of love?"

He stroked his white beard for a very long time, the other hand working in his lap. He was jerking off! Been there and watched that. I grew bored. Then from his lips came, "From caring comes courage." His wiener let loose. Hit my lips and I licked it off. It made me orgasm. I collapsed on Brother Smith's wanger, and he spewed into me. I looked up at Maeve.

Her eyes shot fire. "You're not supposed to climax. I'm missing my turn!"

I shrugged. "It's Lao Tazu's fault, he made me do it."

Oh well. She enjoyed cleaning us up with her little pink tongue, making sure to deposit a substantial amount in Brother Smith's open mouth as he snored.

Aaron woke. We kissed, made love again, then slept.

In the morning I asked my partners over a nice steaming breakfast at a quaint café, "So, what did you learn?"

Always the gentleman, Aaron said, "Please Maeve, ladies before gentlemen."

"I'm not sure who I talked to, but she said, 'When you let go of what you are, you become what you might be.'"

"Very profound." I looked at Aaron.

His face blushed. "My guide said, 'Fuck 'em all, stick it in deep, and come often.'"

Maeve touched his shoulder softly. "I think that's profound. It's what you are good at, what God made you for."

"Okay, we need to head to the ranch, I'm horny." I took their hands in mine. It would be so romantic, just lovely with him spewing cum all over our faces.

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