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Publishing Erotic Literature for Money

Author: Sexual Diversity
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Published: 14th Jul 2020 - Updated: 3rd Aug 2023
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Summary: Helpful information and tips on writing and publishing adult fiction stories for money, includes list of companies that publish erotica.

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Some of my friends have tried to convince me to get my erotic fiction stories published, but I don't have the slightest idea how one would go about it. Sound familiar?

Sex sells, as they say...

Erotic literature is a growing field and one that spans a multitude of genres, as well as being one unto itself. According to Romance Writers of America, erotic romance refers to "novels in which strong, often explicit, sexual interaction is an inherent part of the love story, character growth, and relationship development and could not be removed without damaging the story line."

Erotic literature and romance novels have emerged as one of the most profitable self-publishing markets because it is fun to do and the market is huge. Currently there are a lot of people buying erotica and erotic literature online, and there is no time like the present to jump on the bandwagon. Erotica short stories are all about arousing the reader. Some say the real money is in romance, especially steamy romance - Erotica traditionally contains more sexual details than romance novels.

In order to start being recognized as an author of erotica, i.e. getting your name or pen-name known, many budding authors offer a story or two for free. There are a quite a few erotic story websites that will publish your story at no cost to you.

Tips on Writing Sex Stories for Money

According to erotic story author Peter C. Hayward, who writes under the name Pandora Box, the "Golden 12" erotica genres that find consistent readership are those featuring billionaires and other modern alpha males; incest and pseudo-incest, including relations between women and their stepfathers and men and their adopted sisters; students/teachers; shifters; monsters; gangbanging; cuckolding; sleeping/unconscious sex; gender swapping; threesomes; and for some strange reason, cowboys.

What is Indie Publishing?

Indie Publishing should not be confused with self-publishing presses (sometimes called "vanity presses"). Self-publishing or subsidy presses usually require payment by authors, or a minimum purchase of copies.

The terms "indie publisher", "small press", and "independent press" are often used interchangeably. An Indie Publishing is a publisher with annual sales below a certain level. Small presses are also defined as those that publish an average of fewer than 10 titles per year.

Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which book copies (or other documents) do not print until the company receives an order, allowing prints of singular or small quantities.

POD printers will accept nearly anyone who can pay the cost of printing. They rarely offer editing or marketing. Printers do not own the copies that are printed, and they do not pay royalties. The rising popularity and ease of access to print-on-demand through IngramSpark and CreateSpace has served to increase the number of indie publishers.

Places to Publish Sexy Stories for Money

Recommended Pricing for Your Adult Literature

Remember, there are thousands of other eBooks out there for costumers to choose from, so don't get too greedy, and do your research to see what erotic books like yours are selling for and price yours accordingly.

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