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With You

Author: Tsara Shelton
Author Contact: @TsaraShelton on Twitter
Published: 15th Apr 2022 - Updated: 6th Sep 2022
Peer-Reviewed Publication: N/A
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Summary: A poem about connecting sexually.

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Regardless of our genders, ages, abilities, body shapes or skin tones, connecting sexually is uniquely intense. The desire to please and be pleased, the vulnerability we feel wanting to be wanted, wanting to give that feeling in return, afraid to ask while needing to know, all while chasing, riding, and experiencing sensual passion and heat.

This is me attempting to describe that connection.


With You

Mmmm . I'm coming close

Closer to you

Is this okay? Do you like this?

Do you feel that? I want you to feel it

My hand is slipping between your legs

Oh, you are excited, it seems

I want you to feel good

My hand slides where you clearly enjoy it

I enjoy it

Tell me, what do you see when you feel me?

Can you feel me? Do you want me?

Show me

I want you to like this with me

More pressure? Harder here?

My body, which is ours in this moment, is in motion

Sensitive, so sensitive,


Aware and alive

skin and loins, bits and buttons

My eyes are closed but I see you with my touch

I feel you

Where do you want me to feel you? Show me, move my body if you can

Pressure here,

soft teasing here,

no? No soft teasing then

I'm trying to listen to your body's response but my own is so loud and insistent

I'm here with you but I'm here in me more; I want you to come in, feel what I'm feeling

I want to come in, feel what you're feeling

to know how to titillate and stimulate

I want my sensual touch to serve you, pleasure you, and bring you to me

Bring me to you

It's so loud! This feeling

So loud!

We are not woman or man, not able or un, not old or young, not colored or un

We are this feeling

So loud!

Oh, yes, please tell me, move me, allow me, ask me

Mmmm I'm coming close

With you


Author Credentials:

Tsara Shelton, author of Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself, is a contributing editor to Tsara's personal blog can be found at Keep up to date with Tsara's latest writings by following @TsaraShelton on Twitter.

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