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Sexual Diversity LGBTQ+ World News

Updated/Revised Date: 17th Nov 2022
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Synopsis: News articles and information relating to sexual diversity including recent laws, discrimination acts and sexual health.

Main Section

This section provides news articles and information relating to sexual diversity, including recent laws, discrimination acts, and sexual health, including feature stories, video clips, and other unique content about, and of interest to, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

Recent LGBTQ+ News and Information
Increased Adoption of They/Them Pronouns thumbnail image.
Research paper provides the first evidence of how people use they or them when talking about a specific person in a spoken storytelling context.
Category: LGBTQ+ News
Author: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Publish Date: 19th Apr 2024
Research Reveals Connection Between Partner's Gender and Women's Orgasm Expectations thumbnail image.
Study investigates factors influencing orgasm rates for women across sexual orientations.
Category: Sexuality
Author: Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Publish Date: 4th Apr 2024
Dietary Supplement Use in Transmasculine People thumbnail image.
Study highlights the need for population-level research on the nutritional needs of transgender people.
Category: Transgender News
Author: George Mason University
Publish Date: 25th Mar 2024
Exploring Sex and Gender in Science - Cell thumbnail image.
Cell issue on sex and gender in science includes a collection of articles on topics related to strategies for promoting gender equality in academia, enhancing rigor in the study of sex-related variables, and supporting transgender researchers.
Category: LGBTQ+ News
Author: Cell Press
Publish Date: 14th Mar 2024
Transgender Scientists Address Academic Challenges and Offer Ways to Provide Support thumbnail image.
Transgender, and family members of transgender, scientists describe what it is like to be a transgender person in STEMM.
Category: Transgender News
Author: Cell Press
Publish Date: 14th Mar 2024
Psychiatric Care of Transgender and Gender Diverse People thumbnail image.
The gender minority stress and resilience model can help psychiatrists understand and address the mental health challenges this population experiences.
Category: Transgender News
Author: Wolters Kluwer Health
Publish Date: 8th Mar 2024
Today's Problematic Use of Pornography thumbnail image.
International study reveals how problematic use of pornography is affecting people in different parts of the world, across various genders and sexual orientations.
Category: LGBTQ+ News
Author: University of Montreal
Publish Date: 5th Mar 2024
High School Biology Textbooks Do Not Provide Comprehensive View of Sex and Gender thumbnail image.
Textbooks used by a majority of introductory U.S. biology classes paint a Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus image, running afoul of scientific evidence.
Category: Education and LGBT
Author: New York University
Publish Date: 22nd Feb 2024
Teaching Controversial Topics in U.S. Schools: How Americans Really Feel thumbnail image.Teaching Controversial Topics in U.S. Schools: How Americans Really Feel thumbnail image.Teaching Controversial Topics in U.S. Schools: How Americans Really Feel thumbnail image.
Americans united on core principles like importance of public education and parental involvement, but diverge on the details.
Category: Education and LGBT
Author: University of Southern California
Publish Date: 22nd Feb 2024
Golden Showers and Other Fun Things thumbnail image.
An erotic sex story featuring golden showers with urophagia, cum tributes, and more.
Category: Erotic Stories
Author: Anon
Publish Date: 21st Feb 2024 - Updated: 30th Mar 2024
One Year Itch - LGBTQIA+ Comedy Show thumbnail image.
All-Female - Non-Binary LGBTQIA+ Comedy Theatre Show to debut in London, Great Britain.
Category: LGBT Events
Author: Awkward Branch Productions
Publish Date: 31st Dec 2023 - Updated: 4th Feb 2024
BRÜT Party - SF Pride 2024 thumbnail image.
BRUT Party SF Pride 2024 event is on Friday, June 28th, 2024 from 10:00pm to 4:00am.
Category: LGBT Events
Author: BRÜT Party
Publish Date: 14th Dec 2023
BRÜT Party - NYC Pride 2024 thumbnail image.
BRUT Party NYC Pride 2024 is on Friday, June 28th, 2024, 10:00pm to 4:00pm at 1604 Broadway, Manhattan, NY.
Category: LGBT Events
Author: BRÜT Party
Publish Date: 14th Dec 2023
Sport for All Genders and Sexualities thumbnail image.
European Union (EU) Project Sport for all Genders and Sexualities (SGS) presents the research on women and LGBTQ+ individuals in European grassroots sports.
Category: LGBT Sports
Author: German Sport University
Publish Date: 23rd Nov 2023 - Updated: 14th Dec 2023
Kids Quitting Sports Due to Body Image, Social Media and Gender Biases thumbnail image.
The reasons participants gave for abandoning sports were coaching issues, poor body image comparison from social media and the competitive pressure of the sport.
Category: LGBT Sports
Author: Nemours
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2023 - Updated: 16th Dec 2023
Harsh Workplace Pushing Women Out of Academia thumbnail image.
Researchers found a harsh workplace climate, which can include harassment and feelings of not belonging, was the most common reason women left academia.
Category: Workplace Discrimination
Author: University of Colorado at Boulder
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2023
Challenging Gender Roles in Prehistoric Times thumbnail image.
Research finds that women were hunters too and found little evidence to support the idea that roles were assigned specifically to each sex.
Category: Sexual Diversity Studies
Author: University of Delaware
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2023
Lack of Sexually Injuries Does Not Mean Rape Victim Is Making It Up thumbnail image.
A new study reveals the absence of sexually related injuries cannot be used in court to infer that rape victims are making it up.
Category: Discrimination and Abuse
Author: University of Birmingham
Publish Date: 8th Oct 2023
I Was Married With 2 Children When I Realized My Husband Was Gay: Why I Support National Coming Out Day thumbnail image.
My parents were very loving and strict Catholics who never allowed me or my sister to have a boyfriend until perhaps college.
Category: LGBTQ Stories - Mainstream
Author: Anonymous
Publish Date: 7th Oct 2023 - Updated: 14th Dec 2023
Silc Touch Ergonomic Handle - The Easiest Way to Hold a Sex Toy thumbnail image.Silc Touch Ergonomic Handle - The Easiest Way to Hold a Sex Toy thumbnail image.
Silc Touch ergonomic handle makes holding a sex toy easier for those with arm, hand and wrist disabilities.
Category: Disability and LGBT Sexuality
Author: Silc Arts LLC
Publish Date: 6th Oct 2023
Effect of Sexual Orientation on Sexual Function and Distress thumbnail image.
A new study suggests cisgender heterosexual women are more satisfied in relationships and have fewer depression and anxiety symptoms than cisgender sexual minority women.
Category: Female Sexual Health
Author: The Menopause Society
Publish Date: 27th Sep 2023
Sex Lives in Britain Revealed thumbnail image.
Study reveals the number of sexual partners we have changes as we age, and there are some surprising results.
Category: Sexuality
Author: University of East Anglia
Publish Date: 8th Sep 2023 - Updated: 14th Dec 2023
Making Mental Health Services Accessible for LGBTIQA+ People in Distress thumbnail image.
Barriers to accessing potentially life-saving support persist, according to new research into suicidality in the LGBTIQA+ community.
Category: Sexual Health Information
Author: RMIT University
Publish Date: 7th Sep 2023
LGBTQ+ Friendly National Park Tours thumbnail image.
Good Trip Adventures offers specialized trips designed exclusively for queer travelers and gender minorities to explore America's national parks.
Category: Travel and LGBT Tourism
Author: Good Trip Adventures
Publish Date: 23rd Aug 2023 - Updated: 5th Sep 2023
Gender Equality Progress Is Stalling thumbnail image.
Gender equality recovers to pre-pandemic levels but pace of progress has slowed with Iceland remaining the most gender-equal country, followed by Norway, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden.
Category: Gender Equality
Author: World Economic Forum
Publish Date: 27th Jul 2023 - Updated: 14th Dec 2023
 Majority of U.S. Public Opposes Using Religious  Beliefs as a Reason to Discriminate Against LGBTQ People thumbnail image.
Most U.S. adults oppose denying medical care, employment, and other services to LGBTQ people based on religious beliefs.
Category: LGBT Rights
Author: The Williams Institute
Publish Date: 15th Jun 2023
Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to all Creation by Olivia Judson– a book review thumbnail image.
The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex: A delightful opportunity to watch things get weird and wild in the name of science and sex.
Category: Tsara's Column
Author: Tsara Shelton
Publish Date: 14th Jun 2023
Survey Finds 1 in 15 Changed Reported Sexual Identity Over a Six-Year Period thumbnail image.
Report reveals over 6% of the UK population aged 16 and over, or 1 in 15, changed their reported sexual identity over a 6 year period.
Category: Sexuality
Author: Lancaster University
Publish Date: 12th Jun 2023
Why Sexually Harassed People Might Not Come Forward Immediately or at All thumbnail image.
What would a reasonable person do? Exploring the gap between experienced and anticipated responses to sexual harassment.
Category: Discrimination and Abuse
Author: University of Exeter
Publish Date: 10th Jun 2023
Gender-Affirming Care Bans Carry Significant Penalties for Physicians thumbnail image.
State laws and policies banning gender-affirming care for minors include a range of penalties for physicians that continue to provide care.
Category: LGBTQ+ News
Author: The Williams Institute
Publish Date: 6th Jun 2023
Neuroscientific Evidence Important for Rape Trials thumbnail image.
Victims of sexual assault are often blamed for not fighting or fleeing their attackers and 70% report being frozen during the ordeal, and unable to move or cry out.
Category: Physical and Verbal Abuse
Author: University College London
Publish Date: 23rd May 2023 - Updated: 8th Oct 2023
Sexually Active Women Not Judged More Harshly Than Men thumbnail image.
This research adds weight to the growing body of evidence that sexual double standards have very little basis in reality.
Category: Sexuality
Author: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Publish Date: 16th May 2023
Uganda's New Anti-Homosexuality Bill an Outrage thumbnail image.
Uganda parliament has passed the revised Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA), which criminalizes homosexual conduct, with minimal amendments.
Category: LGBTQ+ News
Author: SciDev.Net
Publish Date: 7th May 2023
LGBTQ Youth Reveal Negative Mental Health Impacts of Anti LGBTQ Policies and Victimization thumbnail image.
The Trevor Project annual US national survey of LGBTQ young people underscores negative mental health impacts of anti-LGBTQ policies and victimization.
Category: LGBTQ News America
Author: The Trevor Project, Inc
Publish Date: 2nd May 2023
Transgender Women Can Still Get Prostate Cancer thumbnail image.
Study finds prostate cancer occurs in transgender women more frequently than published accounts might suggest with about 14 prostate cancer cases per 10,000 transgender women.
Category: Transgender News
Author: University of California - San Francisco
Publish Date: 29th Apr 2023 - Updated: 30th Apr 2023
I'm a Bisexual Drag Artist Who is About to be a Biological Dad thumbnail image.
As an openly bi person, having a child of my own was always a dream. For me to think of it was a rollercoaster of emotions.
Category: Bisexualality
Author: Patruni Chidananda Sastry
Publish Date: 28th Apr 2023
Delta of Venus: Erotica by Anais Nin - Book Review thumbnail image.
Book review of Delta of Venus, a collection of fifteen erotic short stories.
Category: Tsara's Column
Author: Tsara Shelton
Publish Date: 28th Apr 2023 - Updated: 29th Apr 2023
Health Studies Often Exclude Gender Diverse Impacting Health Care thumbnail image.
If researchers are serious about inclusive studies and surveys that focus on gender-diverse communities, they must measure both sex and gender.
Category: Sexual Health Information
Author: University of Michigan
Publish Date: 24th Apr 2023
Sexual Assault Awareness Month - One Healthy Meal thumbnail image.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month #SAAPM.
Category: Tsara's Column
Author: Tsara Shelton
Publish Date: 21st Apr 2023
Higher Risk of Sleep Problems in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth thumbnail image.
Study finds depression, stress, and family conflict contribute to sleep problems in lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth.
Category: Sexual Health Information
Author: University of Toronto, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
Publish Date: 24th Mar 2023

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