Inspiring LGBT Business Role Models - Jim McEleney Named in Top 100 List

Source: BNY Mellon
Published: 2014-10-27 - Updated: 2014-12-03
Summary: Jim McEleney has been named in a list of the Top 100 LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) business role models.

Jim McEleney, chief operating officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa at BNY Mellon, a global leader in investment management and investment services, has been named in a list of the Top 100 LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) business role models.

OUTstanding's second annual list of Top LGBT executives has doubled in length in 2014.

McEleney was placed at no35 in the OUTstanding in Business list, which recognises LGBT executives who deserve to be acknowledged for their role in the wider campaign to encourage greater diversity within firms and their boardrooms.

Commenting on the methodology for putting together the rankings, Suki Sandhu, OUTstanding's founder, notes that they asked what nominees had done inside and outside the workplace to make it more welcoming to LGBT individuals and looked for information about the candidate's influence within the business as well as recent significant achievements.

"We are exceptionally proud to see Jim recognised for his leadership in championing a positive, diverse and collaborative culture at BNY Mellon," notes BNY Mellon's EMEA Chairman, Michael Cole-Fontayn. "Through showcasing how LGBT executives are already succeeding, hopefully all LGBT leaders will be inspired to aim high and be well supported as they do. Everyone should feel they are in a world where talent can rise to the top."

McEleney has over 27 years of financial services industry experience, including more than 22 years with BNY Mellon or its affiliates, with direct experience across a diverse set of strategic and client-facing roles in asset servicing, asset management and wealth management.

He chairs BNY Mellon's EMEA Diversity & Inclusion Council and represents the region on the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council's Operating Committee. McEleney is the Executive Sponsor in EMEA for the women's employee resource group and as an openly gay senior executive, he is also a member of PRISM, the company's LGBT employee resource group.

McEleney has been the sponsor of BNY Mellon EMEA's annual Diversity and Inclusion Week since its inception in 2012 which celebrates global cultural awareness.

Joanna Symes, BNY Mellon's EMEA Head of Diversity & Inclusion, adds:

"Jim works extremely hard to promote inclusion across the company. His involvement in this year's OUTstanding list demonstrates to our employees, future employees, as well as our clients, that diversity continues to be high on our company's agenda. As business leaders, it is our responsibility to create work cultures where our teams believe and feel they can achieve their greatest potential."

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