JackColton.com Partners with Gay.Vegas

Source: Russ White
Published: 2014-12-03
Summary: The partnership paves the way for LGBT inclusion in the Las Vegas nightlife scene.

Forging a bold alliance, leading nightlife website jackcolton.com and LGBT-cornerstone Gay.Vegas are poised for rapid growth in Las Vegas nightlife as they announce a strategic alliance for 2015. The partnership paves the way for LGBT inclusion in the Las Vegas nightlife scene. More and more often, the Vegas straight clubs are attracting LGBT party-goers. As LGBT equality hits the mainstream, the nightlife crowds and clubs are more accepting of gay culture.

"We are very excited about our new partnership and what Jackcolton.com can offer the LGBT community. We've come to find that LGBT makes up a large percentage of the nightlife target demographic that visits Las Vegas," said Kalika Moquin, Partner at jackcolton.com "With a finger on the pulse to what is relevant in dance music and nightlife today, we think there is a lot of opportunity for creative ideas and events to come to life, and look forward to a long lasting relationship with jackcolton.com, Gay.Vegas, and the the LGBT community moving into the future."

"The goal of Jackcolton.com is pretty simple," said Anthony Nuzzo, CEO of Jack Colton, Inc. "Provide the information that we would want to know if the shoe were on the other foot, and help setup the conversations, access and ability to purchase the necessary tickets and products to make a Las Vegas trip as perfectly outrageous as our visitors want to have."

Over the coming months, the partnership will introduce a VIP Host Certification Program administered by Gay.Vegas.

Through both the jackcolton.com and Gay.Vegas websites, LGBT guests will connect directly to certified VIP hosts through iHOSTVegas.com, the Jack Colton concierge service, at all major nightclubs who will offer an inclusive and welcoming customer experience.

Mainstream nightlife typically expects a ratio of men to women in a club, but groups of gay men or lesbians wanting to attend a nightclub are often met with a misunderstanding of gender ratios.

"For many years, locals and tourists have asked me for connections inside the nightclubs and I've connected them directly with a host and explained the situation," said Garrett Pattiani, co-founder of Gay.Vegas. "This new program will educate jackcolton.com VIP hosts at every major nightlife venue in Las Vegas and provide them with a greater understanding of LGBT customer needs, as well as sensitivity training so they can provide a fabulous customer experience."

The partnership facilitates access for LGBT tourists to experience what Vegas nightlife is truly about:

Headlining DJ's in the EDM music scene and jaw-dropping venues that amaze guests with stimulating lights, lasers, and sounds.

In addition to LGBT visitors seeking mainstream options, ally guests seeking LGBT options will find prominent gay nightlife also listed on http://jackcolton.com/lgbt and http://www.gay.vegas/jackcolton

Rolling out in early 2015, jackcolton.com, iHOSTVegas.com and Gay.Vegas will offer dedicated cross-promotions on each website.

The Certified Host Program will launch with the Las Vegas Pool Party season in Spring 2015, ensuring that guests are afforded many options both day and night all summer long.

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