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Will 50 Shades of Grey Unleash Dark Side of Sexual Fantasy

Author: Proven Men Ministries
Published: 12th Feb 2015
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Summary: Raw sexual fantasy for mainstream consumption will ultimately leave a trail of broken hearts and shattered relationships.

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For one activist on the frontline in the battle against pornography, the case against "50 Shades of Grey" is a matter of black and white: The blockbuster's sugarcoating of raw sexual fantasy for mainstream consumption will ultimately leave a trail of broken hearts and shattered relationships.

Joel Hesch, a law professor and founder of Proven Men Ministries, says he expects "50 Shades of Grey" to be a block-buster hit, but he warns movie-goers that the slick sexual fantasy serves up a sugar-coated portrayal of pornography that could ultimately unleash an aftermath of addiction and affairs.

"Viewing even soft-core pornography can quickly turn into a very real addiction," Hesch said.

"Just like drug or alcohol use, what starts off as a seemingly innocent or fun act can quickly spiral out of control; if left unchecked, it will consume your time, energy, and resources." In fact, what we are already seeing is an epidemic in terms of addiction to pornography. A Proven Men study recently revealed that 8 in 10 men between the ages of 18 and 30 view pornography monthly, and one-third think they may be addicted.

"Quite frankly, I used to be one of those statistics," Hesch said. "After breaking free, God guided me to form Proven Men and keeps filling me with passion to help other men achieve sexual integrity."

Although some in the media may suggest that movies like "50 Shades of Grey" are just fanciful escapism, Hesch said the reality is that such heavily promoted commercial enterprises plants the seeds of addiction.

"This movie is all about living out wild sexual fantasy combined with graphic pornographic scenes," he said. "That's a recipe for both sexual addiction and affairs."

To help men overcome such sensual cravings, Proven Men Ministries stands in the gap and helps men regain dignity as they break free from the grip of pornography and replace it with true intimacy. It also equips churches to provide a safe place of hope and healing.

Proven Men developed a 12-week, at-home system to help men win the battle with pornography or sexual addiction. It includes a 12-week course of study, a leadership guide and a book on sexual integrity - all available on Amazon.

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