Nominations for 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards in Celebration of Hong Kong Pride Parade

Author: Community Business
Published: Friday 6th November 2015
Summary: Information regarding the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards - including nominations.

Community Business, a not-for-profit organisation focusing on responsible business and a thought leader on Diversity & Inclusion, today announced the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards will be open for nominations from Saturday, 7 November 2015. The awards recognise the exceptional dedication and accomplishments of individuals and organisations in promoting LGBT equality and inclusion in the Hong Kong workplace and community. The nomination period will close on Friday 26 February 2016, with assessment covering the period from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015.

Following the successful launch of the Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Index 2015, the first and only benchmark of its kind in Asia, and the LGBT Inclusion Awards Ceremony held on 15 May 2015, Community Business is committed to continuing to build momentum and raising awareness about LGBT inclusion in Hong Kong by organising the LGBT Inclusion Awards every year. In commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) on 17 May, an LGBT Inclusion Awards Gala Dinner will be held to announce and honour the award winners and to celebrate their successes.

"The best way to impact change is to recognise the individuals, companies, and organisations that are making a difference. These awards provide the opportunity to showcase their outstanding work and to set good examples for others to learn from and to follow," said Mrs Fern Ngai, CEO of Community Business. "It is truly inspiring to see the positive impact created by our Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index and its associated awards earlier this year. With enhanced understanding about LGBT inclusion as a business imperative, we look forward to greater momentum and wider attention created by the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards."

"We are delighted to kick off the award nomination period this Saturday 7 November, in celebration of the Hong Kong Pride Parade 2015. There is no better way to respond to its theme "Yell Out for Equality," Mrs Ngai continued.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response earlier this year, Community Business introduces a number of important new categories for the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards:

2016 Award Categories

Recognising the significant role of these awards in promoting LGBT equality and inclusion in Hong Kong, Community Business will be assessing award nominations in each category based on the extent to which they are strategic, proactive, impactful and sustainable.

The list of finalists will be disclosed in April 2016 while the winners of the awards will be announced at the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards Gala Dinner on Tuesday 17 May 2016 in commemoration of IDAHOT. The Gala Dinner will feature a silent auction and fundraising in support of the work of not-for-profit Community Business.

Sponsorship opportunities for the awards and the Gala Dinner are available for organisations and individuals who would like to play a key role in promoting and celebrating progress on LGBT inclusion in Hong Kong. Although the sponsor of an award will not be eligible for the specific award they sponsor, it provides a high profile opportunity for a company to demonstrate its leadership and commitment to driving and celebrating progress in the focus area of the award. Sponsorships will be used to sustain the work of Community Business in the area of LGBT inclusion.

About the Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index

The Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index is the first and only benchmark on workplace inclusion practices and initiatives for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees in Asia. Launched by Community Business in 2015, it is a pioneering initiative that provides companies in Hong Kong with a credible and robust tool to assess, progress and promote their efforts towards LGBT inclusion. For more information, please visit

While the Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards will be organised yearly to maintain momentum, the Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index will be offered every other year, to give organisations sufficient time to make progress on their LGBT inclusion strategies. The next iteration will cover the calendar years of 2015 and 2016 and nominations will be open in Q4 2016.

Further Information

For details about the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards, sponsorship and the nomination process, please visit:

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