Revolutionary Technology Customizes Film to Viewer's Race, Gender, Sexual Preference, and More

Author: Cinedapt
Published: Wednesday 10th June 2020 - Updated: Tuesday 17th May 2022
Summary: Cinedapt now casting for short film to showcase core features of Cinedapt's patent-pending technology aimed to revolutionize the monotony of entertainment.

Cinedapt, Inc. ( has announced an open casting call for "Cinedaptive", a short film to showcase the core features of Cinedapt's patent-pending technology aimed to revolutionize the monotony of entertainment.

Cinedapt was initially conceived to improve Hollywood's redundant and regressive filmmaking process by incorporating innovative technology to learn a viewer's fears, sense of humor, and interests to provide a more user engaging and studio profitable experience. Cinadapt's groundbreaking technology allows distributors and studios enhanced profitability by incorporating a multicultural platform along with the ability to watch a safe alternate of restricted films with children.

Describing a Cinedaptive film is like explaining virtual reality to consumers before the concept of television was invented in the 1880s. To exemplify Cinedapt's new advancements in film, "Cinedaptive" will be publicly available to clear the confusion.

"Cinedaptive" tells the story of a crime scene being investigated at a pet store, where the viewer's pet preference is personalized on product and content in an example of a subtle advertisement. The short film also gives an example of how common storylines can be improved by featuring the viewer's race, gender, and sexual preference to identify more personally with the audience.

The technology offers a new business model for films, where a premiere and theatrical run can be followed by a more personalized experience. This was demonstrated in 2019 and 2020 with the internationally award-winning tech game show, "Whiteboard Challenge," which had a theatrical premiere in Silicon Beach with an additional screening at Hollywood's icon TCL Chinese Theaters. This was followed by a Cinedaptive version private for startup pitch consideration exclusively to Y Combinator, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), South by Southwest (SXSW), TechCrunch Disrupt, and Web Summit Collision in 2020.

The Cinedaptive version of "Whiteboard Challenge" personalized the show content to empathize the software engineering interview process and how it is discriminatory based on the viewer's race, gender, age, and disabilities. This is complemented with a tech talk on how the process can be improved along with role model testimonies from African American, Mexican, and women who hold leadership positions in tech.

The show concludes with how each candidate is equally qualified for the role. For example, some viewers may learn how veteran engineers are declined positions due to being unfamiliar with a term only taught in boot camp; while others may learn how engineers with hidden disabilities are discriminated and not offered reasonable accommodations. In both examples, each candidate is proven to be best suited for the role.

Additional Cinedaptive features of "Whiteboard Challenge" included length adjustment (short, standard, or extended), rating (work safe or restricted), and genre (comedy, drama, talk show, or game show). "Whiteboard Challenge" is currently in network acquisition for an upcoming game show television series.

Similar to "Whiteboard Challenge," "Cinedaptive" will give representation to diversity while showcasing how a personalized experience can be more engaging and profitable.

Filming will commence when Los Angeles permits allow.

"Cinedaptive" is not understood by SAG/AFTRA and only accepts performers who are willing to work non-union.

"Cinedaptive" is scheduled for public release Q1 2021 and will provide filmmakers and investors with a roadmap to success for new Cinedaptive films to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Cinedapt® is a Los Angeles-based startup that specializes in artificial intelligence, film production, and anti-piracy, disrupting a $3.5 trillion annual market size across multiple industries with its core functional product. Cinedaptive® films embrace machine learning to establish an emotional connection with an audience while adapting content on a psychological level to provide a greater user experience and higher return on investment. All material is registered and officially copyrighted. Patents pending. Cinedapt®, Cinedaptive®, and Whiteboard Challenge™ are registered trademarks of Michael Kureth.

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