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Full list of articles and documents from the Sexual Diversity Bisexualality News, Documents, Fact Sheets category. Though these articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

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Bisexualality Publications
I'm a Bisexual Drag Artist Who is About to be a Biological Dad thumbnail image.
As an openly bi person, having a child of my own was always a dream. For me to think of it was a rollercoaster of emotions.
Publish Date: 28th Apr 2023
Bisexuals Use More Cannabis for Coping and Enhancement thumbnail image.
Bisexuals reported higher levels of cannabis use disorder, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression, and suicidality than either the groups classified as exclusively straight or gay.
Publish Date: 23rd Jan 2023
Higher Rates of Sexual Violence Among Bisexual Women thumbnail image.
Recent study reveals bisexual women specifically experience sexual violence more often than straight and lesbian women.
Publish Date: 19th Nov 2017
Closeted Bisexual Males Find Concealment Takes a Toll thumbnail image.
Study finds concealment of homosexual behavior associated with more symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Publish Date: 3rd Oct 2014 - Updated: 19th Nov 2017
Challenging Assumptions About Bisexual Males and HIV Transmission thumbnail image.
Finding challenges popular assumption that bisexual men are responsible for significant HIV transmission to their female partners.
Publish Date: 2nd Oct 2014 - Updated: 19th Nov 2017

1How Many Genders Are There?
Alphabetical list of gender identities.

2Transgender Reporting Guide
How to write about transgender people.

3Glossary of Sexuality Terms
Definitions of sexual terms & acronyms.

4Glossary of Gender Terms
Definitions of gender related terms.

5Am I Gay? Questions to Ask
Think you may be gay or bisexual?

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