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LGBTQ+ Sports News and Information: Article List:

Full list of articles and documents from the Sexual Diversity LGBTQ+ Sports News and Information category. Though these articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

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LGBT Sports Publications
Sport for All Genders and Sexualities thumbnail image.
EU Project Sport for all Genders and Sexualities (SGS) presents the research on women and LGBTQ+ individuals in European grassroots sports.
Publish Date: 23rd Nov 2023
Kids Quitting Sports Due to Body Image, Social Media and Gender Biases thumbnail image.
The reasons participants gave for abandoning sports were coaching issues, poor body image comparison from social media and the competitive pressure of the sport.
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2023
U.S. DOJ Files Statement of Interest Defending Constitutionality of Idaho's Fairness in Women's Sports Act thumbnail image.
Under the Constitution, the Equal Protection Clause allows Idaho to recognize the physiological differences between the biological sexes in athletics.
Publish Date: 19th Jun 2020 - Updated: 2nd Aug 2020
Working Group on Gender Equity in Sport - Minister Kirsty Duncan thumbnail image.
Canadian Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities Working Group on Gender Equity in Sport are leaders, innovators and influencers who are ready to advance the sport system in Canada.
Publish Date: 25th Apr 2018
Gender in Televised Sports - TV Coverage of Women in Sports thumbnail image.
Despite promises of increased TV coverage of women in sport, levels of cover remain nearly the same.
Publish Date: 14th Sep 2017
LGBT Allies in College Sports Study thumbnail image.
Study focuses on heterosexual athletes perceptions of LGBTQ issues and people in the sports environment.
Publish Date: 31st Jan 2017
National Mentorship Program for LGBTQ Athletes - GO! Athletes thumbnail image.
The GO! Athletes Mentorship Program will connect LGBTQ athlete mentees and mentors to provide a safe space and open dialogue, support, and empowerment.
Publish Date: 22nd Nov 2015
First Transgender Athlete to Compete for Canada thumbnail image.
Competitive sports are at a crucial point in time with respect to providing appropriate guidelines for participation for Transgender athletes.
Publish Date: 22nd Aug 2015
Parents with Traditional Gender Beliefs May Shortchange Daughters thumbnail image.
Parents with the most traditional beliefs about masculinity and femininity likelier to view pay-to-play sports fees as too high for daughters compared with sons.
Publish Date: 4th Feb 2015
This Girl Can Sports Campaign thumbnail image.
English Federation of Disability Sport calling disabled women to get involved in This Girl Can, a celebration of women everywhere.
Publish Date: 12th Jan 2015 - Updated: 14th Sep 2017
Athletics Track Still a Male World thumbnail image.
Limited coverage American female athletes get in the media is one of many subtle forms of gender biases they have to cope with.
Publish Date: 23rd Nov 2014 - Updated: 12th Jan 2015
Masculinity and Sexuality in Sport thumbnail image.
Preliminary research is providing rare look at construction of masculinity on covers of mainstream and gay-themed sports magazines.
Publish Date: 6th Nov 2014 - Updated: 12th Jan 2015
Still No Justice for Female Athlete Undertaking Sex Tests thumbnail image.
Policies must be refined to safeguard women in sports from media circuses about sex tests.
Publish Date: 4th Oct 2014 - Updated: 10th Jan 2015

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