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LGBTQ+ Sports News and Information

Updated/Revised Date: 19th Sep 2022
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Synopsis: Latest news and information regarding LGBT sports including event venues and coming sport attractions.


LGBTQ+ Sports

There have been several notable outspoken homosexual athletes, including John Curry, Billie Jean King, and Jason Collins. Today the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other non-heterosexual or non-cisgender (LGBTQ+) community is prevalent in sports worldwide. While overall, the trend is towards open acceptance of LGBTQ+ athletes, the level of acceptance can vary due to factors such as the athlete's age, sport, and location. Heteronormativity, from professional sports to children's athletics, can be seen as the dominant paradigm in sports culture. Heteronormativity is the view of heterosexuality as the standard or preferred sexuality. This exclusive way of thinking is often taken to the extreme in sports culture, which subsequently emphasizes hegemonic masculinity.

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Latest news and information regarding LGBT sports, including event venues and coming sports attractions.

While the trend is towards open acceptance, different sports vary widely, and homosexual athletes still face many challenges. International sports organizations have come under scrutiny for holding competitions in countries where LGBT equality is out of step with their policies.

LGBT sports people have faced intolerance common in many vocations and arguably worse than some due to the heteronormativity of sports teaching in schools. Coaches sometimes require LGBT athletes to keep their identities hidden or try to encourage the athlete to change their sexual orientation. In extreme cases, LGBT people in athletics are physically threatened; or their property is vandalized. Some coaches or schools have policies that prohibit lesbians and gays from their teams, or they do not give lesbians and gays fair treatment in playing time or coaching attention. Some college coaches play on the fears of high school recruits and their parents by spreading rumors about lesbians or gay men at other schools.

Several notable outspoken homosexual athletes, including Sheryl Swoopes, Billie Jean King, and Billy Bean. In the 1980s, Tom Waddell, an Olympic decathlete, hosted the first Gay Games in San Francisco. Since then, many homosexual sporting organizations have been founded, along with sporting events that feature homosexual athletes.

U.S. LGBT Sporting Associations Include:

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Latest LGBT Sports Publications

The above information is from our reference library of material relating to LGBT Sports that includes:

Under the Constitution, the Equal Protection Clause allows Idaho to recognize the physiological differences between the biological sexes in athletics.
Publish Date: 19th Jun 2020 - Updated: 2nd Aug 2020

Canadian Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities Working Group on Gender Equity in Sport are leaders, innovators and influencers who are ready to advance the sport system in Canada.
Publish Date: 25th Apr 2018

Despite promises of increased TV coverage of women in sport, levels of cover remain nearly the same.
Publish Date: 14th Sep 2017

Study focuses on heterosexual athletes perceptions of LGBTQ issues and people in the sports environment.
Publish Date: 31st Jan 2017

The GO! Athletes Mentorship Program will connect LGBTQ athlete mentees and mentors to provide a safe space and open dialogue, support, and empowerment.
Publish Date: 22nd Nov 2015

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