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American Sexual Diversity and LGBTQ News: Article List:

Full list of articles and documents from the Sexual Diversity American Sexual Diversity and LGBTQ News category. Though these articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

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LGBTQ Youth Reveal Negative Mental Health Impacts of Anti LGBTQ Policies and Victimization thumbnail image.
The Trevor Project annual US national survey of LGBTQ young people underscores negative mental health impacts of anti-LGBTQ policies and victimization.
Publish Date: 2nd May 2023
Select Your Sex on Social Security Number Record thumbnail image.
U.S. Social Security Equity Action Plan includes a commitment to ensure people who identify as gender diverse or transgender have options in the Social Security Number (SSN) card application process.
Publish Date: 20th Oct 2022 - Updated: 24th Oct 2022
New Study on LGBTQI+ Refugees and Asylum Seekers  thumbnail image.
New study on LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers highlights the need for data and research.
Publish Date: 8th Jul 2022 - Updated: 16th Jul 2022
LGBT People of Color More Likely than White Non-LGBT Adults to Face Food Insufficiency During the Pandemic thumbnail image.
Food insufficiency was reported by three times as many LGBT people of color as non-LGBT White people.
Publish Date: 15th Apr 2022
U.S. Social Security to Offer Self-Attestation of Sex Marker in SSN Records thumbnail image.
U.S. Department of Social Security, announce the agency will offer people the choice to self-select their sex on their Social Security number (SSN) record.
Publish Date: 31st Mar 2022
More Than Half of American Indian and Alaskan Native LGBT Adults in the US have been Attacked in their Lifetime thumbnail image.
285,000 American Indian and Alaskan Native LGBT adults live in the US. More than half have been physically or sexually attacked in their lifetimes.
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2021
Over Five Million LGBT Adults in the U.S. are Religious thumbnail image.
Nearly half of LGBT adults in the U.S. are religious.
Publish Date: 10th Oct 2020 - Updated: 29th Nov 2020
Experiences of Food Insecurity Among Californian LGBTQ thumbnail image.
New report by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law provides analysis of food insecurity experiences among diverse population of low-income LGBTQ people in California.
Publish Date: 1st Jul 2020
Over 200,000 LGBT adults in California at High Risk for COVID-19 thumbnail image.
Over 200,00 LGBT people in California have one or more medical conditions that put them at high risk of COVID-19 illness, including asthma, diabetes, heart disease, or HIV.
Publish Date: 21st May 2020
Study Finds 27% of California Adolescents are Gender Nonconforming thumbnail image.
27 percent, or 796,000, of California's youth, ages 12 to 17, report they are viewed by others as gender nonconforming at school.
Publish Date: 23rd Dec 2017 - Updated: 17th May 2022
Study Raises Concerns About Trump Agenda For LGBTQ Students thumbnail image.
Study showing 70 years of progress for LGBTQ students raises concerns about Trump agenda, analysis of national LGBT alumni survey also shows generational, regional differences in campus climate perceptions.
Publish Date: 19th Sep 2017
Texas Governor Signs Discrimination Bill HB 3859 thumbnail image.
Law HB 3859 allows child welfare organizations, including adoption and foster care agencies, to turn away Texans seeking to care for a child in need, including LGBTQ couples, interfaith couples, single parents, or other parents to whom the agency has a religious objection.
Publish Date: 17th Jun 2017
Religious Freedom Executive Order Opens Way for Bias thumbnail image.
U.S. President EO opens the way to overriding regulations that protect female health and harms the rights of millions of women and LGBT People.
Publish Date: 5th May 2017
Albuquerque Ranked Top Place for Gender Equality thumbnail image.
U.S. metros ranked by how far women have come to achieving gender equality with regard to owning a home, attending college and getting paid.
Publish Date: 24th Mar 2017 - Updated: 1st Apr 2017
Call on Trump Administration to Reinstate Sexual Orientation Question in National Senior Survey thumbnail image.
HRC criticizes Trump Administration for removing question about sexual orientation from National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants (NSOAAP).
Publish Date: 23rd Mar 2017 - Updated: 24th Apr 2020
HRC Condemns Ben Carson as Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) thumbnail image.
Outspoken opponent of LGBTQ equality, Carson will oversee enforcement of fair housing laws and programs that provide crucial assisted and public housing.
Publish Date: 4th Mar 2017
All Gender Restrooms on College of Marin Campus thumbnail image.
California law goes into effect requiring all single occupancy restrooms be designated as gender neutral.
Publish Date: 2nd Mar 2017
LGBTQ Advocates Condemn Shameful HB2.0 Proposal thumbnail image.
New proposal introduced by Republican State Representative Chuck McGrady would prevent cities from passing meaningful non-discrimination protections.
Publish Date: 23rd Feb 2017
Reversal of School Bathroom and Shower Mandate a Victory thumbnail image.
Family Research Council says reversal of school shower and bathroom mandate is a victory for parents and children.
Publish Date: 23rd Feb 2017
Over 75,000 LGBT DREAMers - 36,000 Have Participated in DACA thumbnail image.
Information on LGBT involved with Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act and those enrolled in DACA.
Publish Date: 21st Feb 2017 - Updated: 28th Feb 2017
GAPA Strongly Condemns Anti-Immigrant Executive Orders thumbnail image.
The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance strongly condemns the anti-immigrant and xenophobic Executive Orders issued by President Trump.
Publish Date: 11th Feb 2017
Tom Price Jeopardizes Health and Well-Being of LGBTQ People thumbnail image.
Price has history of opposing basic civil rights for LGBTQ people and will be serving in a position of unique importance to the LGBTQ community.
Publish Date: 10th Feb 2017
LGBTQ People Appear to be Latest Target of Trump Reign of Hate thumbnail image.
HRC civil rights organization responds to media reports about leaked License to Discriminate Executive Order being prepared by Donald Trumps White House.
Publish Date: 10th Feb 2017
HRC Slams Jeff Sessions Senate Confirmation thumbnail image.
Human Rights Campaign condemns confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General.
Publish Date: 9th Feb 2017 - Updated: 11th Feb 2017
Virginia Advances Legislation Promoting LGBTQ Discrimination thumbnail image.
Bill HB 2025, a discriminatory legislation that seeks to give taxpayer-funded agencies and service providers a license to discriminate against LGBTQ people under the guise of religion.
Publish Date: 27th Jan 2017
Anti LGBTQ Actions Anticipated in Statehouses During 2017 thumbnail image.
Human Rights Campaign releases new report previewing battles against anti-LGBTQ state legislation expected in the year ahead.
Publish Date: 25th Jan 2017 - Updated: 28th Feb 2017
Trump Administration Removes Secretary Kerry Apology for LGBTQ Witch Hunts thumbnail image.
Trump Administration removes John Kerry's apology for Lavender Scare witch hunt in the 1950s and 1960s, LGBTQ pride month observances, and other content.
Publish Date: 25th Jan 2017
GLAAD Launches Trump Accountability Project thumbnail image.
Trump Accountability Project (TAP) is a resource for news makers reporting on the Trump administration which catalogues anti-LGBTQ statements and actions of Donald Trump and those in or being considered for his administration.
Publish Date: 15th Jan 2017
Anti-LGBT and Anti-Public Ed Lawmakers Baring Fangs at Texas Legislative Session thumbnail image.
On day 2 of the 2017 Texas legislative session, far-right lawmakers demonstrate their contempt for LGBT people and public schools.
Publish Date: 11th Jan 2017
Jeff Sessions' Anti-LGBTQ Record - HRC Report thumbnail image.
HRC civil rights organization, releases report detailing Jeff Sessions record on LGBTQ equality.
Publish Date: 10th Jan 2017 - Updated: 28th Feb 2017
Tony Perkins Calls for Purge of Pro-LGBTQ State Dept Employees thumbnail image.
Human Rights Campaign calls on President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence to denounce comments made by Tony Perkins calling for purge of pro-LGBTQ State Department employees.
Publish Date: 4th Jan 2017
LGBTIQ Activists Urge Trump Administration to Uphold Human Rights thumbnail image.
On International Human Rights Day: Global LGBTIQ activists urge the Trump administration to uphold human rights for all.
Publish Date: 2nd Jan 2017
Mexicali Chicken and Salads Ordered To Pay $27,700 to Resolve Sexual Harassment Lawsuit thumbnail image.
Young female employee sexually harassed by restaurant manager and terminated after she complained, federal agency charged.
Publish Date: 30th Dec 2016 - Updated: 22nd Mar 2018
HB2 Bill Repeal Fails - Discriminatory Bill Continues to Target LGBTQ thumbnail image.
Human Rights Campaign, Equality North Carolina, and National Center for Transgender Equality statements after North Carolina General Assembly failed to repeal discriminatory Bill HB2.
Publish Date: 23rd Dec 2016
Mississippi Religious Liberty Accommodations Act thumbnail image.
H.B 1523 is one of twelve discriminatory pieces of legislation under consideration in Mississippi this year.
Publish Date: 18th Feb 2016
South Dakota State Senator Suggests Transgender People Be Subjected to Psychological Abuse thumbnail image.
Sen. Omdahl sought to justify his support for HB 1008 which seeks to prevent transgender students in public schools from using facilities consistent with their gender identity.
Publish Date: 12th Feb 2016
Donald Trumps Win in New Hampshire - HRC Statement thumbnail image.
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released statement regarding Donald Trumps win in New Hampshire.
Publish Date: 10th Feb 2016 - Updated: 20th Dec 2016
Montana Gov. Signs Executive Order Protecting LGBT State Employees thumbnail image.
Montana Governor Steve Bullock signs executive order prohibiting discrimination of sexual orientation and gender identity for state employees, state contractors and subcontractors.
Publish Date: 19th Jan 2016
Launch Pad Offers LGBTQ Homeless Youth Safe Place to Sleep thumbnail image.
Launch Pad initiative developed by LGBTQ and allied community in Nashville to provide sleeping shelters for youth in Davidson County.
Publish Date: 23rd Dec 2015
Anti-Equality Candidates thumbnail image.
Candidates who appeared at Family Leader Presidential Forum, and highlights from their anti-LGBT rhetoric and records.
Publish Date: 10th Dec 2015
Utah Judge Removes Foster Child from Same-Sex Couple thumbnail image.
Ruling may violate Utah Judicial Code of Conduct, leading to possible sanctions for judge with history of inappropriate conduct.
Publish Date: 14th Nov 2015
White House Supports Equality Act thumbnail image.
A majority of Americans support extending non-discrimination protections to LGBT Americans.
Publish Date: 10th Nov 2015
Inclusion of LGBT Business Enterprises Enacted by Massachusetts Governor thumbnail image.
Inclusion of LGBT Business Enterprises Enacted by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker with the Guidance of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
Publish Date: 3rd Nov 2015
Gayborhood: Marci Alt Named Business Woman of the Year thumbnail image.
Marci Alt named 2015 businesswoman of the year by the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
Publish Date: 7th Oct 2015
LA LGBT Center - Campaign to Regulate Programs Notorious for Abusing Youth thumbnail image.
National campaign to regulate industry of residential programs that claim to help troubled youth, including lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
Publish Date: 27th Mar 2015
Equality California First Major LGBT Organization to Endorse Hillary Clinton for President thumbnail image.
EQCA is the first major LGBT organization in the nation to endorse the former Secretary of State for President.
Publish Date: 20th Mar 2015
Georgia Bill Attacking LGBT & Minorities Passes Through Senate thumbnail image.
Legal experts from across the political spectrum agree that this bill could open the door for discrimination.
Publish Date: 12th Mar 2015
HB56 Passes Alabama House Judiciary Committee thumbnail image.
H.B. 56 does not represent Alabama values like fairness and loving your neighbor as yourself.
Publish Date: 6th Mar 2015
Federal Court Opens Marriage in Nebraska March 9, 2015 to Same-Sex Couples thumbnail image.
Federal district court struck down Nebraska ban on same-sex marriage opening marriage to same-sex couples beginning March 9, 2015.
Publish Date: 3rd Mar 2015
Anti-LGBT Bill Stripping Local Non-Discrimination Ordinances - West Virginia thumbnail image.
On the heels of a successful attack on fairness and equality in Arkansas, anti-equality forces are trying to quickly push through a similar bill abolishing local liberty in West Virginia.
Publish Date: 1st Mar 2015
Anti-LGBT Arkansas Bill - Call on Governor to Veto thumbnail image.
If it becomes law, this bill will preempt local nondiscrimination laws and policies that offer protections on any basis not yet included in state law.
Publish Date: 22nd Feb 2015
Veto SB202 - HRC Arkansas to Gov. Hutchinson thumbnail image.
Calls on Governor Hutchinson to exercise executive powers and veto Senate Bill 202 (SB202), which would prohibit municipalities from enacting nondiscrimination ordinances that protect LGBT.
Publish Date: 17th Feb 2015
Houston Equal Rights Ordinance Trial thumbnail image.
Jury finds evidence of forgery, but it's yet to be determined if enough valid signatures remain to send HERO to the ballot.
Publish Date: 14th Feb 2015
Alabama Counties Refusing to Issue Same-sex Marriage Licenses thumbnail image.
44 counties in Alabama not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples some refusing to issue marriage licenses to anyone.
Publish Date: 12th Feb 2015
LGBT Workers in Michigan Lack Protections against Ongoing Employment Discrimination thumbnail image.
New report shows approximately LGBT workers in Michigan vulnerable to employment discrimination and statewide legal protection.
Publish Date: 11th Feb 2015 - Updated: 28th Feb 2017
Marriage for Alabama Same-Sex Couples thumbnail image.
Marriage to Become Available to Nearly 6,600 Same-Sex Couples in Alabama on Feb. 9, 2015.
Publish Date: 5th Feb 2015 - Updated: 28th Feb 2017
Nebraska Senators Unanimous for Marriage Equality But Only if You want a Gun thumbnail image.
Nebraska Legislature vote for amendment that would recognize same-sex spouses, but only if applying for a gun permit and married to someone in the military.
Publish Date: 4th Feb 2015
American Family Association Still a Hate Group thumbnail image.
The trip is taking place despite the protests of organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and many conservative Christian activists.
Publish Date: 4th Feb 2015 - Updated: 23rd Jan 2016
Senate Bill 202 Would Remove Arkansas Cities Right to Self-Govern and Stop Equality thumbnail image.
HRC Arkansas condems introduction of Senate Bill 202 which would stop cities and towns enacting ordinances that would protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Arkansans from discrimination.
Publish Date: 3rd Feb 2015
Civil Rights Leader Julian Bond Makes Case for LGBT Equality in Mississippi thumbnail image.
HRC Mississippi strongly commends the courageous, bold and fearless comments penned in an op-ed by civil rights icon, Julian Bond.
Publish Date: 3rd Feb 2015
California LGBT Protections, Laws and Legislative Proposals Report thumbnail image.
National report assessing the status of state legislation affecting LGBT equality across America, including California.
Publish Date: 25th Jan 2015
Nebraska State Senators Take Action on LGBT Equality thumbnail image.
HRC commends Nebraska State Senators Adam Morfeld, Sara Howard, and Jeremy Nordquist for introducing and sponsoring LGBT rights legislation.
Publish Date: 22nd Jan 2015
40% of US Children Live in Low Income Families thumbnail image.
Four out of every ten American children live in low-income families, according to new research from the National Center for Children in Poverty.
Publish Date: 22nd Jan 2015
Virginia Bill Protecting Children from Conversion Therapy thumbnail image.
Bill protecting children and their families from the dangerous and discredited practice of conversion therapy.
Publish Date: 21st Jan 2015
OneLife LA - Celebrating All Human Life thumbnail image.
People throughout Southern California unite in Los Angeles for OneLife LA to celebrate beauty of every human life from conception to natural death.
Publish Date: 18th Jan 2015
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Michigan Marriage Equality Case thumbnail image.
U.S. Supreme Court to review federal appeals court decision upholding Michigan ban on marriage for same-sex couples.
Publish Date: 16th Jan 2015 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
California Passes New Affirmative Consent Law in Sexual Assault Cases thumbnail image.
California Governor Jerry Brown adopts new Yes Means Yes bill after high number of college campus assaults.
Publish Date: 28th Oct 2014 - Updated: 10th Jan 2015

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