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American Sexual Diversity and LGBTQ News

Updated/Revised Date: 14th Sep 2022
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Synopsis: Information regarding Sexual Diversity, LGBT news, and related sexuality topics from the United States.

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Under former president Donald J. Trump, the US government sought to push back against rights claims related to sexual orientation and gender identity, sending a dangerous signal to governments around the world that such rights are disposable.

An independent United Nations (UN) human rights expert has warned that the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and gender diverse (LGBT) people are being "deliberately undermined by some state governments in the United States," urging more action on the part of the U.S. federal administration to protect them. Evidence shows that, without exception, these actions rely on prejudiced and stigmatizing views of LGBTQ persons, in particular transgender children and youth, and seek to leverage their lives as props for political profit, the independent expert said.

Information regarding Sexual Diversity, LGBT news, and related sexuality topics from the United States.

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Select Your Sex on Social Security Number Record thumbnail image.
U.S. Social Security Equity Action Plan includes a commitment to ensure people who identify as gender diverse or transgender have options in the Social Security Number (SSN) card application process.
Publish Date: 20th Oct 2022 - Updated: 24th Oct 2022

New study on LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers highlights the need for data and research.
Publish Date: 8th Jul 2022 - Updated: 16th Jul 2022

Food insufficiency was reported by three times as many LGBT people of color as non-LGBT White people.
Publish Date: 15th Apr 2022

U.S. Department of Social Security, announce the agency will offer people the choice to self-select their sex on their Social Security number (SSN) record.
Publish Date: 31st Mar 2022

285,000 American Indian and Alaskan Native LGBT adults live in the US. More than half have been physically or sexually attacked in their lifetimes.
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2021

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