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GAPA Strongly Condemns Anti-Immigrant Executive Orders

Author: GAPA Organization
Published: 11th Feb 2017
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Summary: The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance strongly condemns the anti-immigrant and xenophobic Executive Orders issued by President Trump.

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The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) strongly condemns the anti-immigrant and xenophobic Executive Orders issued last week by President Trump.

The orders;

These policies encourage racial and religious profiling and almost exclusively target communities of color.

There are 1.3 million undocumented Asian Pacific Americans, including those brought to the United States as children, whose families will be directly affected by these orders.

These Executive Orders that breed distrust of immigrants will only serve to make our communities less safe. Just this past weekend, we saw the chaos at the airports across the country created by these Executive Orders.

GAPA stands in solidarity with other human rights and social justice groups around the country, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), in working to combat these illegal and unconstitutional Executive Orders.

These actions by the Trump Administration do not align with the values of GAPA and are based solely on fear and ignorance. Immigrant communities, their families, and our families contribute greatly to our nation, regardless of origin or status.

GAPA is a proud part of the history of celebrating the contributions of Queer Asian and Pacific Islanders. Our LGBT community is stronger because of the many cultures and faiths that make up our community. America is stronger because of our diversity.

We must continue to stand firm and united in the fight for equality and justice. We encourage our members and all members of a growing coalition of human rights, social justice, and civic organizations to join us to stand up for the rights of our communities.

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