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Sexual Diversity LGBT Sex Worker News and Information

Updated/Revised Date: 18th Sep 2022
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Synopsis: Articles, recent news, and information relating to the LGBTQ+ sex worker industry, including health and legal issues.


Sex Worker

A sex worker is a person who provides sex work, either on a regular or occasional basis. The term is used for those who work in all areas of the sex industry. Sex workers may be of any gender and exchange sexual services or favors for money or other gifts. The term "sex worker" was coined in 1978 by sex worker activist Carol Leigh. Its use became popularized after the publication of the anthology, Sex Work: Writings By Women In The Sex Industry in 1987, edited by Frédérique Delacoste and Priscilla Alexander. The term "sex worker" has since spread into much wider use, including in academic publications, NGOs and labor unions, and governmental and intergovernmental agencies, such as the World Health Organization (WHO). The term is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. The motives of sex workers vary widely and can include debt, coercion, survival, or simply a way to earn a living. Sexual empowerment is another possible reason why people engage in sex work.

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Sex work has always been relevant to queer and trans communities, both as a livelihood option and as an issue that critically informs the space between social and political margins and the centralities of queer and trans communities. The robust set of issues raised by the intersections of sex worker and queer populations has not always been addressed by LGBT/Q organizations, however.

California became the first state to adopt a law to protect sex workers from being prosecuted as prostitutes merely because they're carrying condoms. The police practice of targeting for arrest those in possession of multiple condoms undermines critical efforts to help this vulnerable population avoid sexually transmitted diseases, advocates for sex workers argue.

Oscar Wilde referred to sex with the young working-class male prostitutes (ages 16 - 20) he favored as "feasting with panthers" because "their passion was all body and no soul."

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Latest Sex Workers Publications

The above information is from our reference library of material relating to Sex Workers that includes:

Global Survey Reveals Growing Demand for Women and Couples Male Escort Services thumbnail image.
Global survey of countries which host male escort websites found emerging market for male escorts who count women and couples among their clients.
Publish Date: 22nd Nov 2017

Men who buy sex have less empathy for women in prostitution than men who do not buy sex.
Publish Date: 3rd Sep 2015

Study focused on male behaviour and profile of those who pay for sex and their risk of transmission of sexual diseases.
Publish Date: 14th Dec 2014

Department of Health and Human Services estimate 6-800,000 people are trafficked annually with 70% forced into the sex trade internationally.
Publish Date: 4th Dec 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022

New study finds that pimps are only responsible for luring minors into sex work in a very small number of cases.
Publish Date: 17th Oct 2014 - Updated: 3rd Sep 2015

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