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Colored Sex Jelly Bracelet Meanings

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Published: 19th Oct 2014 - Updated: 11th Sep 2022
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Summary: Sexual meanings of the colors of jelly sex bracelets sometimes worn by students but initially designed for health and cancer research.


Gel Bracelets (Jelly Bracelets)

Gel bracelets (or jelly bracelets) are a type of wristband often made from silicone. Gel bracelets usually have a rectangular or circular cross-section. They come in various colors, and several can be worn on each arm. They have been popular in waves worldwide and elsewhere since the 1980s. Following a resurgence in popularity in 2003, gel bracelets became the subject of a widespread urban legend linking them to a supposed sex game, explaining their popularity among young teenagers: they were subsequently dubbed "sex bracelets."

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Jelly bracelets are thin rubbery bands which can be worn one at a time or interconnected together on the wrists, ankles, or around the neck. They are available in an array of colors.

Jelly Bracelets with different color meanings have been used in many health and fitness campaigns to fight cancer and other diseases. However, today's youth have devised a new sexual meaning for the wearing of bracelets, and they are a trend in some schools.

The wearing of jelly bracelets started when Lance Armstrong, an athlete, overcame cancer and defied the odds. As a way of helping to fund cancer research, he helped to design and sell a simple bracelet that was yellow and had the words “Live Strong” on them. The colored bracelets caught on, and Lance raised millions in cancer research money. Other health foundations around the world have set up similar funds as well.

Today, jelly bracelets, or sex bracelets, are popular among high school students.

Colored Jelly Bracelets Meanings:

Sex bracelets are a silly teen fad with a dangerous sexual twist.

The bright-colored bracelets are popular with teens, but they're creating controversy, and many children, and even adults, wear these decorative bracelets without any sexual connotation or meaning whatsoever.

Do not let students who have made up sexual meanings deter you from buying a jelly bracelet if you know the money is going to medical research or a good cause.

The bracelets are color-coded according to the wearer's willingness to perform certain sexual acts. Kids in many high schools refer to them as "sex bracelets," The different colors can denote the wearer's sexual preference(s) or be used in games.

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Several assorted colored sex jelly bracelets are worn on a wearer's wrist.Several assorted colored sex jelly bracelets are worn on a wearer's wrist.


Sex bracelets are a coded form of communication among teens and young people where wearing different colored jelly bracelets indicates what sexual acts the teen is supposedly willing to perform. In a sexual game called snap, a boy or girl snaps or breaks a bracelet off the wearer's wrist. The rules of snap can require players to do everything, from kissing to actual intercourse, depending upon the color of the bracelet.

Several schools across the nation have banned jelly bracelets. They give for this, not the fear that students may be having sex because of them. The concern is that they are disruptive and expose children to sexuality prematurely since some students as young as third grade can discuss jelly bracelets and the acts they represent. Most experts agree that this is too young for children to be fixated on sexuality or to be sophisticated about sexual acts. Exposure to these ideas young can desensitize children and cheapen later intimate relations.

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