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Female Sexual Health Information: Article List:

Full list of articles and documents from the Sexual Diversity Female Sexual Health Information category. Though these articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

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Female Sexual Health Publications
Effect of Sexual Orientation on Sexual Function and Distress thumbnail image.
A new study suggests cisgender heterosexual women are more satisfied in relationships and have fewer depression and anxiety symptoms than cisgender sexual minority women.
Publish Date: 27th Sep 2023
Gender Stereotypes Impact Diagnosis of Girls with Developmental Language Disorder thumbnail image.
Researchers examine the consequences of sexist myths on development of language, communication, and the social and emotional spheres among children.
Publish Date: 6th Feb 2023
A Tale of Three Women: Vaginismus, Menopause, and Sexual Anhedonia thumbnail image.
Three women with separate stories of sexual issues and discoveries.
Publish Date: 31st Jan 2023
Excessive Travel Times to Obtain an Abortion in America thumbnail image.
A third of women of reproductive age in the United States face excessive travel times to obtain an abortion after U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson decision.
Publish Date: 1st Nov 2022
Human Clitoris Has Over 10,000 Nerve Fibers thumbnail image.
The Discovery of over 10,000 human clitoral nerve fibers that enable pleasurable sensation could improve health and sexual function.
Publish Date: 28th Oct 2022
Female Cancer Treatment Sexual Side Effects Often Unaddressed thumbnail image.
The study highlights gender disparity in how frequently doctors and clinical trials assess the impact of treatment on sexual health.
Publish Date: 22nd Oct 2022 - Updated: 24th Oct 2022
Sexual Issues for Young Female Cancer Survivors thumbnail image.
Young female cancer survivors are at much higher risk of sexual problems, including loss of libido and discomfort, according to new research.
Publish Date: 1st Oct 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
PMS Anxiety and Mood Swing Frequency a Public Health Issue thumbnail image.
Premenstrual mood swings and anxiety experienced by over 64% of women are so common they represent a critical public health issue globally.
Publish Date: 6th Sep 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Doctors Reluctance to Discuss Anal Sex is Letting Down Young Women thumbnail image.
Reluctance to discuss the possible harms of anal sex is letting down a generation of young women who are unaware of the risks.
Publish Date: 12th Aug 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Women's Sexual Orientation Linked to (Un)Happiness About Birth thumbnail image.
Investigation of birth happiness by sexual orientation discordance across sexual orientation measures using a nationally representative sample of women of reproductive age.
Publish Date: 13th Dec 2017
LGBQ* Women's Sexual Desire Particularly Impacted by Social and Cultural Pressures thumbnail image.
Female sexual desire study is the first of its kind in comparing desire in LGBQ* and heterosexual women.
Publish Date: 8th Dec 2017
High Risk Sex Behaviors Impact Women's Health thumbnail image.
Study reveals high-risk sexual behavior may be biologically linked to increased risk of acquiring HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
Publish Date: 10th Nov 2017
The Glowing Change in Women Before and After Orgasms thumbnail image.
Putting sexuality back in the hands of women - photographer Marcos Alberti captures the glowing change in women before and after orgasms.
Publish Date: 31st Oct 2017 - Updated: 22nd Mar 2018
Impact of Medical Male Circumcision on Female Health thumbnail image.
Expanding access to voluntary medical male circumcision in Africa may help protect women against HIV and sexually transmitted infections.
Publish Date: 14th Oct 2017
Sexual Pleasure - Women Report Diverse Preferences thumbnail image.
Addressing gaps in scientific understanding of female sexual pleasure.
Publish Date: 20th Sep 2017
Lesbians Less Likely to Get Annual Pap Smear Test thumbnail image.
New paper from Rice University sociologists reveals lesbian women are less likely than heterosexual and bisexual women to get timely pap smears.
Publish Date: 3rd Mar 2017
O-Shot Improves Female Orgasms thumbnail image.
Women who receive the O-Shot or Orgasm Shot report increase in quality and frequency of orgasms, and elimination of painful intercourse and urinary incontinence.
Publish Date: 27th Oct 2015 - Updated: 24th Jun 2022
Birth Control Pills & Stroke Risk thumbnail image.
Birth control pills cause small but significant increase risk of common types of stroke.
Publish Date: 20th Sep 2015
Higher Risk of Eating Disorders for Bisexual and Questioning Females thumbnail image.
Young women attracted to both sexes more likely to develop eating disorders than those attracted to only one sex.
Publish Date: 2nd Sep 2015
Treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder a Game Changer for Women thumbnail image.
FDA approval of flibanserin marks final leg of struggle for treatment option for HSDD a common sexual complaint among females.
Publish Date: 26th Aug 2015
Hormone Replacement Therapy: Benefits & Risks thumbnail image.
Women who are considering HRT should be aware there continues to be a debate about the safety of its use.
Publish Date: 12th Mar 2015
Vaginal Steaming: Ancient Remedy for Female Reproductive Health thumbnail image.
Vaginal steaming is an ancient remedy for reproductive health that is being fervently revived by women around the globe today.
Publish Date: 30th Jan 2015 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Tweeting About Sexism Can Improve Female Wellbeing thumbnail image.
Publicly tweeting about sexism could improve wellbeing by expressing in ways that feel like they can make a difference.
Publish Date: 30th Jan 2015
Female Sexual Dysfunction: Bremelanotide Phase 3 Program thumbnail image.
Palatin Technologies, Inc. has initiated phase 3 reconnect study in the United States for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction.
Publish Date: 29th Dec 2014 - Updated: 12th Jan 2015
Better Health Care Experience for Lesbian and Bisexual Women thumbnail image.
Flemmer has created a model for health care called empathic partnership - designed to help primary care practitioners create safe, effective partnerships with patients.
Publish Date: 3rd Dec 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Equol, Soy and Female Hot Flashes thumbnail image.
Women interested in trying dietary soy for hot flashes can do their own experiment by incorporating it as a healthy food in their diet.
Publish Date: 23rd Nov 2014
Efficacy and Sedation-Related Safety of Flibanserin in Premenopausal Women thumbnail image.
Flibanserin for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) does not impair next-day cognitive function or driving performance in premenopausal women.
Publish Date: 23rd Nov 2014
Historic FDA Meeting On Female Sexual Dysfunction thumbnail image.
Even the Score Campaign Calls on FDA to Approve Medical Treatment Options for Female Sexual Dysfunction.
Publish Date: 28th Oct 2014 - Updated: 12th Jan 2015
Improving Sex Lives of Females with Back Conditions thumbnail image.
Newly published findings are giving women with bad backs renewed hope for better sex lives.
Publish Date: 25th Oct 2014
Female Perception of Normal Genitalia often Influenced by Modified Images thumbnail image.
Study shows perceptions of what is considered normal and desirable female genitalia may be influenced by exposure to modified images.
Publish Date: 20th Dec 2013 - Updated: 23rd Nov 2014

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