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Female Sexual Health Information

Updated/Revised Date: 20th Sep 2022
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Synopsis: Information on female sexuality and sexual health issues from menstruation and birth control to sexual problems, menopause, and intercourse pain.


Female Sexual Health

Women’s sexual problems have long been taboo, even among girlfriends. However, sexual dysfunction in women is far more common than you might think. Sexual dysfunction in women arises from a variety of causes - both medical and psychological. Major illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, can also contribute. Healthy sex life is more than just an absence of disease. Sexual health means enjoying physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being regarding sex. It also depends on a positive approach to sex and the safety and security to pursue whatever activities are pleasurable for you - without coercion, discrimination, or violence.

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Today, women's sexuality is openly discussed and portrayed on television, magazines, and on the Internet. Most importantly, women are becoming increasingly aware of their sexuality and sexual health.

Women's sexual health is important to overall emotional and physical well-being. Achieving a healthy and satisfying sex life doesn't happen by magic. It takes self-reflection and candid communication. A sexual problem, or sexual dysfunction, refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. Sexual problems occur in adults of all ages. Among those commonly affected are those seniors, which may be related to a decline in health associated with aging.

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Latest Female Sexual Health Publications

The above information is from our reference library of material relating to Female Sexual Health that includes:

Effect of Sexual Orientation on Sexual Function and Distress thumbnail image.
A new study suggests cisgender heterosexual women are more satisfied in relationships and have fewer depression and anxiety symptoms than cisgender sexual minority women.
Publish Date: 27th Sep 2023
Gender Stereotypes Impact Diagnosis of Girls with Developmental Language Disorder thumbnail image.
Researchers examine the consequences of sexist myths on development of language, communication, and the social and emotional spheres among children.
Publish Date: 6th Feb 2023
A Tale of Three Women: Vaginismus, Menopause, and Sexual Anhedonia thumbnail image.
Three women with separate stories of sexual issues and discoveries.
Publish Date: 31st Jan 2023
Excessive Travel Times to Obtain an Abortion in America thumbnail image.
A third of women of reproductive age in the United States face excessive travel times to obtain an abortion after U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson decision.
Publish Date: 1st Nov 2022
Human Clitoris Has Over 10,000 Nerve Fibers thumbnail image.
The Discovery of over 10,000 human clitoral nerve fibers that enable pleasurable sensation could improve health and sexual function.
Publish Date: 28th Oct 2022

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