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Sexual Diversity Love, Dating, Romance: Article List:

Full list of articles and documents from the Sexual Diversity Sexual Diversity Love, Dating, Romance category. Though these articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

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Love and Romance Publications
I'm a Bisexual Drag Artist Who is About to be a Biological Dad thumbnail image.
As an openly bi person, having a child of my own was always a dream. For me to think of it was a rollercoaster of emotions.
Publish Date: 28th Apr 2023
Is Spontaneous Sex Better Than Planned Sex? thumbnail image.
While many people endorse spontaneous sex, there was no difference in their reported satisfaction with their last actual sexual encounter - whether planned or unplanned.
Publish Date: 15th Feb 2023
How to Show Your Children Love thumbnail image.
Relationships built on love, care, and mutual respect are essential for children to grow up feeling safe, healthy, and resilient.
Publish Date: 11th Feb 2023
How to Reduce Temptation to Cheat on a Partner thumbnail image.
People often cheat not because they planned it but because the opportunity presented itself, and they were too depleted, tired, drunk, or distracted to fight temptation.
Publish Date: 31st Jan 2023
Strong Ethnic Identity Can Buffer or Bolster Effects of Online Sexual Racism in Black Men thumbnail image.Strong Ethnic Identity Can Buffer or Bolster Effects of Online Sexual Racism in Black Men thumbnail image.
A recent study of sexual racism experienced by young sexual minority black men in online dating communities sheds light on these different outcomes and the circumstances in which they can occur.
Publish Date: 14th Jan 2023
How to Tell If A Woman Or Girl is Leading You On - Part II thumbnail image.
Revisited and Revised by a Woman who was a Girl.
Publish Date: 10th Nov 2022
First Impressions Matter When Seeking Love thumbnail image.
Study explored whether types of romantic first impressions affected later romantic outcomes and found first impressions tend to linger, shaping whether people desired further contact with potential romantic partners after initial meeting.
Publish Date: 31st Oct 2022
Romantic Anthropomorphism: Virtual Romantic Relationships thumbnail image.
Romantic video games contain increasingly interactive and responsive virtual characters providing people with a way to pursue and enjoy a romantic relationship with a virtual agent.
Publish Date: 28th Oct 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
Original Dating Profiles Attract More attraction thumbnail image.
Dating profile text perceived as more original may attract more attraction as original profiles are scored as more intelligent, funny and likeable.
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
I Feel Differently thumbnail image.
Monogamy is not the right way, but it is also not the wrong way.
Publish Date: 17th Aug 2022 - Updated: 6th Sep 2022
Online Flirting Can Ruin Relationships thumbnail image.
A Reichman University study warns that if someone is flirting with you online, beware - it could ruin your relationship.
Publish Date: 25th Jul 2022 - Updated: 5th Jan 2023
With You thumbnail image.
A poem about connecting sexually.
Publish Date: 15th Apr 2022 - Updated: 6th Sep 2022
Adult FriendFinder Dating Review thumbnail image.
AdultFriendFinder Review: Is Adult Friend Finder a legit dating site.
Publish Date: 12th Feb 2021 - Updated: 26th Jun 2022
When and How Do Americans Start Online Dating? thumbnail image.
JustDating Dating app survey results reveal dating statistics for U.S. men and women.
Publish Date: 12th Feb 2018
What is the Average Price of a Wedding in America thumbnail image.
How much do couples in the US spend on a wedding? In recent years the number of marriages in the US has decreased and the average cost of a wedding has increased.
Publish Date: 12th Feb 2018
Curvy - Dating App for BBWs and Plus Size Singles thumbnail image.
Curvy, the popular dating app for BBW singles and their admirers is now also available as an Apple watch app.
Publish Date: 29th Sep 2017
Top Most Popular Sexual Behaviors Include Romance and Affection thumbnail image.
Research has many implications for future understanding of prevalence and diversity of sexual behaviors beyond those that have been previously recorded and studied.
Publish Date: 16th Sep 2017
Why Music Can Make Faces Appear More Attractive thumbnail image.
Study on how music can alter the perception of facial attractiveness investigates impact of musical exposure on subjective evaluations of opposite-sex faces.
Publish Date: 15th Sep 2017
Surprising Trend in Extramarital Sex in America thumbnail image.
Senior Americans are cheating on their spouses more than their younger counterparts, with 20% of married Americans over 55 reporting having engaged in extramarital sex.
Publish Date: 24th Jul 2017
Choosing a Man - Are Looks More Important Than Personality thumbnail image.
Mothers and their daughters choose potential partners with a minimal level of attractiveness, irrespective of their personality.
Publish Date: 5th Apr 2017
Senior Dating Facts: Dating After 50 Survey Results thumbnail image.
Results reveal sexual appetites, level of satisfaction, dating habits and preferences, and common misconceptions about 50+ singles.
Publish Date: 11th Feb 2017
Conservation Themed Condoms Highlight How Safe Sex Saves Wildlife thumbnail image.
40,000 endangered species condoms sent to 10 most sex crazed cities for Valentine's Day.
Publish Date: 10th Feb 2017 - Updated: 22nd Mar 2018
Long-Term Love: Your Perfect Mate thumbnail image.
The majority of men and women want to be in exclusive relationships that lead to marriage.
Publish Date: 8th Jan 2016 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Will Revolutionize Polyamorous Dating thumbnail image.
Are you extremely bashful about discussing sexual health with a new potential lover?.
Publish Date: 23rd Dec 2015 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Gaytor Dating App Uses Online Gaming to Match Users thumbnail image.
One of the creators of The Sims moves to mobile to create the first online dating app based around online games.
Publish Date: 30th Oct 2015
RedPost Woomerang - Your Second Chance for Love at First Sight Dating App thumbnail image.
RedPost App allows you to go back in time and gives you a second chance for love at first sight.
Publish Date: 21st Oct 2015
Infidelity: Males & Females React in Different Ways thumbnail image.
Study reveals men are more jealous of sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity - the opposite is true for women.
Publish Date: 14th Oct 2015
Pphubbed: When Cellphones Harm Romance & Relationships thumbnail image.
Research confirms cellphones are damaging romantic relationships and leading to higher levels of depression.
Publish Date: 29th Sep 2015
BisexualFish Removes Gay & Lesbian Profiles thumbnail image. declares that the site is dedicated to bisexual individuals only, and will not allow gays and lesbians to be on it.
Publish Date: 22nd Aug 2015 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Romantic Kissing Not Normal in Most Cultures thumbnail image.
Researchers discover romantic kissing not the norm in most cultures, some find it uncomfortable and even flat-out repulsive.
Publish Date: 9th Aug 2015 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Women Tolerate an Unattractive Man - Up to a Point thumbnail image.
A female view of a man is influenced by how handsome and law-abiding he is..
Publish Date: 27th May 2015 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Is He Sexist? - It's In His Smile thumbnail image.
If you want to know what his true attitude towards the female sex is carefully watch how he smiles and chats to her.
Publish Date: 17th Mar 2015
How Young Girls & Boys Learn About Sex & Relationships thumbnail image.
Demand from both young men and women for greater involvement of parents and health professionals in supplying sexual information.
Publish Date: 6th Mar 2015
Relationships and Fidelity Issues thumbnail image.
Communication that is both open and honest is the key to any relationship and certainly in regards to fidelity.
Publish Date: 27th Feb 2015 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Body Language and Behavior Reveals Romantic Attraction thumbnail image.
If you want to know whether people are flirting with you, look at what they say and do.
Publish Date: 12th Feb 2015 - Updated: 25th Jul 2022
Online Self Profiles: Be Real Not Perfect thumbnail image.
Researchers find people prefer online profiles that present potential love interests who are successful, humble and real.
Publish Date: 12th Feb 2015 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
He Thinks Sex But She Thinks Just Friends thumbnail image.
When a man is sexually attracted to a woman he has just met, and she thinks that he is just being friendly.
Publish Date: 29th Jan 2015 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Town Gown Relationships: Love and Marriage thumbnail image.
Study assesses a town-gown relationship asking community members how much comfort they felt with people from the campus community.
Publish Date: 15th Jan 2015
BBW Women Happier with Weight When Told Men Desire Larger-body Women thumbnail image.
Women in independent studies confirm new finding, demonstrating female body image is tied to her perception of what men prefer.
Publish Date: 14th Jan 2015 - Updated: 29th Sep 2017
Jealousy: Why Do We Feel Jealous thumbnail image.
Examination of gender and sexual orientation differences in response to potential sexual versus emotional infidelity in adults.
Publish Date: 8th Jan 2015 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Withdrawal or Expecting Your Lover to Mind-read Hurts Relationships thumbnail image.
Withdrawing when a partner criticizes or complains is a way of avoiding a perceived threat and is more characteristic of unhappiness.
Publish Date: 7th Jan 2015
Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: National Coalition for Sexual Freedom thumbnail image.
There has been a significant interest in BDSM sparked by the wildly successful Fifty Shades of Grey.
Publish Date: 19th Dec 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Rejecting Unsuitable Suitors Easier Said than Done thumbnail image.
According to research rejecting unsuitable romantic partners is easy in hypothetical situations, but not so when considering a face-to-face proposition.
Publish Date: 21st Nov 2014
Is Your Relationship Moving Toward Marriage? thumbnail image.
Looking at couples experiences and comparing relationships that were developing in a positive direction.
Publish Date: 11th Nov 2014 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
How To Kiss Properly: A Guide for Males thumbnail image.
Lessons for males in the art of kissing and how to kiss a woman properly to please her.
Publish Date: 9th Nov 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Keeping Your Relationship Alive thumbnail image.
Study highlights importance of relationship maintenance strategies couples can use to preserve or improve quality of an intimate relationships.
Publish Date: 9th Nov 2014
It Wasn't the Pill that Started the Sexual Revolution, it was Penicillin! thumbnail image.
As penicillin drove down the cost of having risky sex, the population started having more of it.
Publish Date: 28th Oct 2014 - Updated: 9th Feb 2016
Purging Facebook of Painful Breakup Memories thumbnail image.
Article examines the challenges of digital and online possessions and their disposal after a romantic breakup.
Publish Date: 28th Oct 2014 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Double Dates Help Keep the Romance Alive thumbnail image.
Going on a double date may be more effective at reigniting passion in your own relationship than the classic candlelit dinner for two.
Publish Date: 19th Oct 2014 - Updated: 21st Oct 2014
It's Not You, It's Me... May Be Really You! thumbnail image.
Women with stable but not-so-sexy mates become more distant, critical during periods of high fertility.
Publish Date: 18th Oct 2014 - Updated: 23rd Dec 2014
Difference Between Love and Lust May Be Revealed in Eye Movements thumbnail image.
Study found eye patterns concentrate on a face if the viewer sees a potential partner, but gazes more at the body if they are feeling sexual desire.
Publish Date: 11th Oct 2014 - Updated: 7th Jan 2015
Single Baby Boomers and the Dating Scene thumbnail image.
A majority of single baby boomers say they are interested in dating and finding companionship later in life.
Publish Date: 9th Oct 2014
Why do Males Prefer Nice Women thumbnail image.
Study seeks to answer if men perceive responsive women as more attractive, and does the same hold true for female perceptions of males.
Publish Date: 6th Oct 2014 - Updated: 28th Oct 2014
Judging Sexual Orientation from a Person's Appearance thumbnail image.
Research found even when told if a person was gay or straight, participants generally identified sexual orientation based on how they looked.
Publish Date: 6th Oct 2014 - Updated: 15th Dec 2014
Males with Wider Faces More Attractive for Short-term Relationships thumbnail image.
Study shows females may perceive men with wider faces as more dominant and more attractive for short-term relationships.
Publish Date: 4th Oct 2014 - Updated: 24th Dec 2014
Adult Dating and Chat at Adult FriendFinder thumbnail image.
Adult Friend Finders free chat rooms are freely accessible and are usually full of people 24 hours a day looking to meet up for adult dating.
Publish Date: 28th Apr 2012 - Updated: 26th Jun 2022

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