RedPost Woomerang - Your Second Chance for Love at First Sight Dating App

Author: RedPost
Published: Wednesday 21st October 2015
Summary: RedPost App allows you to go back in time and gives you a second chance for love at first sight.

When it comes to the dating experience, "what ifs" are now a thing of the past, because there's an app that allows you to go back in time, up to seven days, and gives you a second chance for LOVE at first sight... RedPost ( #woomerang)available for download now on iTunes and soon on Android.

"What if I'd just given him my number at the grocery store, instead of walking away?

What if she was my bashert (the one that was meant to be) and I was too shy to say hello to her in the elevator?

What if I had just smiled instead of looking away?

When in doubt, RedPost is there to help.

Picture this... You're stopped at a traffic light and a goddess pulls up alongside you. She's exactly your type, you make eye contact, and unbelievably, even smile at each other and just as you muster up the nerve to say something... the light turns green, She turns right, you can't make the turn... and what was destined to be the love affair for the ages appears to be over before it begins. Thanks to RedPost, there's still a possibility of a happy ending...

Two days later, you're still daydreaming about your dream-girl in the sport's car, but instead of living in regret, with a little help from the RedPost App, you can grab your phone and let "Your Future" know you are looking for her. Now she can send you a private message and you two can take off on the road to Love together (perhaps in her sport's car).

"RedPost is relatable to basically every adult on the planet," said RedPost creator, Kenn Viselman. "We have all had at least one experience where we were either too nervous to say hello, or unable to go over to someone for a variety of reasons and regretted it later. RedPost takes regret out of the equation. I created RedPost (with my team), because personally I find myself wishing I had RedPost several times a week..."

Downloading the RedPost app is free - as is sending and receiving RedPost messages.

RedPost isn't just a Love Time Machine to help change the past. It can also act as the Ultimate Electronic Wingman and help you in the Here and Now.

Say you're at a crowded party (or a bar or even a concert), mingling, when suddenly the guy across the room catches your eye. He's exactly your type, but he's with people engaged in conversation... you're not sure if one of them is his date or maybe you're just too shy to go up and talk to him. This is where RedPost levels the playing field and acts as your wingman. Just open the app, RedPost him and wait, or if you can get a good angle, flip your phone toward him. He'll be notified by the flashing RedPost alert that a post has been made. You can chat on the app, and once you have broken the ice, you can confidently make your way over and continue the conversation.

RedPost is the fix for anyone who has ever wanted to kismeet Mr. or Ms. Right. This app was designed with the basic understanding that LOVE IS LOVE and that EVERYONE deserves love in their life and to meet The Love of their life.

Viselman continued;

"Being a single man in the 21st Century, I have tried almost ALL of the dating sites out there and find it impossible to tell if there is chemistry on-line. I find that most dating/hook up apps take people out of the moment and create walls. We wanted to create the possibility of building bridges. RedPost is NOT based on the virtual experience of flipping through photographs... it is based in Real Life Interaction (RLI) and it gives our users, aka RedPosters, a chance to go back in time or can be that little boost of confidence we all need sometimes."

Kismeet Definition

Destined to meet. Usually the people have a connection that for some reason they didn't act on and yet are able to find each other in the future. "Thanks to the use of a new app the two were able to get together it was kismeet."

Woomerang Definition

A second chance at love. Usually two strangers have a connection that they didn't act on and then get a second chance to meet. 'The fact that the two of them met up again can only be explained as a woomerang."

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