Gaytor Dating App Uses Online Gaming to Match Users

Author: MeetPlayLive LLC
Published: Friday 30th October 2015
Summary: One of the creators of The Sims moves to mobile to create the first online dating app based around online games.

MeetPlayLive LLC is currently developing the first dating app to use online gaming as its primary means of matching users together.

Have you ever played a game online and started chatting with another player whom you got along with very well?

This happens because people who play similar games tend to be more compatible. What if this could be intentionally and reliably reproduced? Patrick J. Barrett III, one of the creators of the #1 entertainment software in the world, The Sims, wondered just that.

"In The Sims online community, many players met in chat rooms, and some even later in the real world. Even two of our staff members did so, and are still together today! Matching people is no game, whether it's for love or friendship." – Patrick Barrett III - President

On The Sims Hot Date, dating for the Sims had to be as realistic as possible, requiring an expansion to the Sims social capabilities.

"More designers worked on the Sims social expansion than had been involved in any Sims product before, or since." – Patrick Barrett III – President

Using this knowledge allowed Patrick to craft an all new match making system for real people.

Utilizing the popularity of mobile gaming, Gaytor was conceived. With algorithms specially designed for the LGBT Community, Gaytor offers a great online presence that's both fun and exciting. Instead of waiting for someone to contact you, as is custom in other dating apps, on Gaytor you can spend your time playing games, chatting, and meeting new people. The matchmaking process happens seamlessly. You don't even need to be looking for a love interest to use Gaytor. It's a great place to just meet other members of the LGBT Community.

Every one of our games offers what we call "Conversation Starters" to help stoke the chat room. - Heather Castillo - Art Director

In Rodeo Slots, for example, every five minutes one of the members playing is chosen as the Sheriff. It even displays their picture on the reel. The Sheriff is wild and doubles the payout. When a player lands on "Spin ‘till you Win!" they get to select from up to six players to send them a bonus spin. The six are chosen based on their likely compatibility, with half chosen as potential partners, and the rest as potential friends. Players they have past interaction with are given priority. The moderation bot in the chat room will also introduce players utilizing their profile data. All of these features come together to make matchmaking a fun and unique process.

Behind the games is a complete social network including: video posts, pictures, blogs, and a dating profile. - Alex Piccininni – Sales and Marketing Manager

Gaytor is powered by, giving day one users thousands of potential matches even in their very first game. members can even join in on the fun and play in the game rooms of Gaytor on the website.

MeetPlayLive LLC is a dating and gaming social network that, through its "" brand, caters to the GLBT community. They have recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to gather support for Gaytor. To pledge your support, or to keep up with the latest news on the development of Gaytor, visit them at: Indiegogo or

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