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Adult FriendFinder Dating Review

Published: 12th Feb 2021 - Updated: 26th Jun 2022
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Summary: AdultFriendFinder Review: Is Adult Friend Finder a legit dating site.


Adult FriendFinder
Adult FriendFinder (AFF) is an internet-based, adult-oriented social networking service, online dating service, and swinger personals community website founded by Andrew Conru in 1996. In 2007 AFF was one of the 100 most popular sites in the United States; its competitors include sites such as

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Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder is listed as a trusted & safe online dating website & app according to Dating-Experts.Org's latest reports 2021 for the best online dating websites in the United States.

Dating-Experts.Org, a famous dating portal reviewer that has gained quite a lot of popularity in the past few years, recently announced that Adult FriendFinder was one of the best dating sites and apps in 2021. This article review explains why the new Adult FriendFinder app is the best choice for single people looking to find mature and understanding online partners.

Is Adult FriendFinder Legit?

Many people are suspicious of investing in online dating websites, especially because several scams extract absurd amounts of money from their users and provide them with next to no results. The question "is adult FriendFinder legit?" is common on Google Play Reviews and Quora, and it is natural to be uneasy about anything one sees on the internet.

However, Dating-Experts.Org, a reliable source for reviews of matchmaking services, has given the Adult FriendFinder app a five-star rating and declared it the best we have. The online dating directory website puts in effort throughout the year to talk to thousands of customers to evaluate the best website or app that can help people find a partner to date.

Dating-Experts.Org is one of the only review websites that can claim the authority to say that one app is better than the other definitively - their decisions are usually grounded and unbiased, based on comprehensive evaluations. They can confidently say that it is one of the best because they inspected every function behind the Adult FriendFinder app. The kind of versatility that Dating-Experts.Org deals with is assurance enough that their verdict on Adult FriendFinder Mobile is trustworthy.

Adult FriendFinder For Adults Only

Dating-Experts.Org calls Adult FriendFinder Mobile an adult dating website that works for all kinds of relationships. It is important to remember that the word 'adult' here does not necessarily imply anything promiscuous, but just that the members will be above eighteen and that Adult FriendFinder scam screens pick up any fake accounts or personas who are trying to sign up with false information.

Founder of Adult FriendFinder

Founded in 1996 by Andrew Conru in California, US, Adult FriendFinder Networks has been helping Americans connect for decades, expanding their network worldwide in the past few years. Reviews reveal that the app is all about finding quick dating matches - the forwardness the website displayed as early as the 90s was far ahead of its time, and its users applauded the way it was regulated to avoid any violence and aggression.

Current Adult FriendFinder Members

With over eight million users worldwide, the Adult FriendFinder login pages face a lot of traffic daily. To combat such a flood of users trying to sign up or log in every hour, Adult FriendFinder has software experts working around the clock to ensure that every customer's user experience is seamless and convenient for them.

The Adult FriendFinder review also talks about how the company originally started in the United States and has reached considerable popularity outside the country. IT is now one of the world's largest dating sites, and it helps millions of users find suitable partners through its highly efficient user interface and matchmaking mechanism. The functionality and contacting features are what sets this app apart from others.


Adult FriendFinder has a very understanding system that allows all types of arrangements. The term 'casual relationships' casts a vast net and has under its umbrella relationships that include polygamy, couple sharing and switching, friends with benefits, etc. For the less adventurous, there is also the option to match with people looking for monogamous relationships and high levels of commitment. This makes the website an ideal space for single people to try their luck, but the Adult FriendFinder review does point out that if one is looking for marriage or similar long-term relationship arrangements, this might not be the place for that.

Comparison and Statistics

The best way to answer the question, 'is Adult FriendFinder real?' is to compare it to its competitors - other leading dating websites on a global level.

Statistics in Adult FriendFinder App reviews show that compared to its competitors like Ashley Madison or Flirt, Adult developed much faster in the past year, especially this month when the Adult FriendFinder free app leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. This development factor was measured by how many people log in daily, how many new members register for accounts on the app, etc. The number of matches that the site makes in itself is a testament to its success and that it fulfills its purpose.

Many dating apps boast about having millions of members when in reality, most of those members are inactive or are multiple fake accounts. These accounts not only blow up the company's numbers but also keep its users from having a smooth dating experience - it is extremely frustrating to keep swiping or browsing through profiles and find that they are inactive or fake.

When these profiles are not taken down, there are instances of users waiting for months on end, expecting a response, only to be disappointed. Considering how the whole point of a dating website like Adult FriendFinder is to help people come together so that they are not lonely anymore, the team behind the Adult FriendFinder free app puts in the time and effort to remove such pointless accounts, to make the user dating experience hassle-free.

Real Member Accounts

The user will also find that member activity at Adult FriendFinder is much higher compared to apps like Fling and Ashley Madison, primarily because of the care taken by the team to remove the fake accounts. The fewer fake accounts there are, the more authentic profiles there will be, and the higher activity rates the accounts will show. This is why the Adult FriendFinder free app has around 2,000,000 active members every week.

Another interesting fact in the report is that the majority of the members on Adult are men, most of whom are from the United States of America. This should not come as a surprise, given how that is where the app was founded. There are considerably more male members than female members, distributed at 80% men to 20% men. While gender diversity is lacking, Adult FriendFinder makes up for it with its representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

Privacy and Security

The team behind Adult FriendFinder goes the extra mile to make sure people from all orientations and ethnicities feel comfortable and welcomed on the app, which is why many adults find it safe to divulge their information on the website. Their data is protected with multiple coded security levels and used to match customers with their ideal dates.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is erotic content on Adult FriendFinder that is shared regularly by its users. It is advised to keep the young adults and children away from the website to avoid their exposure to graphic content: the app strictly prohibits anything offensive or violent so that the average adult with mainstream preferences and lifestyle feels comfortable on Adult FriendFinder.

Freedom of Expression

That being said, the adult content is present in any form the user wants. Expressing oneself is an important part of putting oneself out there. When it comes to an international dating website like Adult FriendFinder, its users have the space to express themselves in any way they want. They are free to post videos, photographs, blogs, and live streams without gender bias or discrimination against people of different orientations.

The Adult FriendFinder app also gives a lot of importance to privacy. The team tries their utmost to keep any data from the app from leaking, especially when it comes to susceptible content involving conversations, exchanging photographs and videos containing nudity, or anything the user has an issue with sharing. The data is encrypted from end to end, and the user has full control over what they get to share and keep online on Adult FriendFinder.

Date Locally or Internationally

People looking to experience new, adventurous things find Adult FriendFinder the best place online to find a quick date nearby. This is because people come from a diversified demographic, and many are open to new experiences. This allows the user to meet interesting people that the user may not meet in real life. Suppose the user is in the user's twenties and wants to explore polygamy or polyandry or would like to have a relationship with more than one person at a time. In that case, Adult FriendFinder is the place for the user, as is the case for people with specific preferences.

The website is also surprisingly friendly for introverts - the very reason many people flock to online dating websites like Adult FriendFinder in this day and age is that they are not comfortable socializing and making connections in real life, and at times, because they do not have the time to. Calling it 'sliding into the DMs,' internet culture has infamously popularized the difficulties of talking to someone first by hitting them up on their social media direct messaging features.

Millennials and the generations after that face a social divide that is becoming hard to breach. In the internet age, older people face similar issues where they have no idea how or when to make the first move. Dating websites like Adult FriendFinder mitigate this problem by acting as a middleman. By matching the user with people the user already finds attractive, the app removes the step where the user has to confess to someone that the user would like to explore something more, which is the hardest part of forming a connection.

User Interaction

In circumstances like those, Adult FriendFinder comes in handy because there are many ways in which the user can interact with other users. the user can talk to people through likes and comments because the site's members, as mentioned before, are quite active. People find that it is far easier to respond to something someone has already said instead of coming up with a whole new topic of conversation, which is why the new ways of engagement promoted by Adult FriendFinder are so effective, and, some would say, are the secret behind the success of the app.

Adult FriendFinder is also far more entertaining than other dating networks. The dashboard features content from all over the world that is updated every minute, so even if the user finds little luck finding matches, the user will find entertainment, engagement, and funny content on the websites. It is a given that the user has to watch out for scams and bots because no matter how hard any team combs through the millions of new users on the app, they will find that a few fake profiles will make it through the filters and act like genuine profiles.

But such risks are prevalent across dating apps and networks, especially regarding apps like Tinder or Bumble, with millions of fake profiles. It is a risk that comes from using the internet, so it is advised to be discreet and cautious when it comes to using any online dating app and choosing reliable and safe ones like Adult

Joining is Easy

Signing up on Adult FriendFinder is a fast and hassle-free process that requires basic information from the new user and email verification. The user will also need to provide a unique username to log in. Other details collected include the user's gender, orientation, preference, etc.

Creating a Dating Profile

As early as the user registers on Adult FriendFinder, the user gets to choose if the user is an individual or multiple persons trying to find a date. the user also has to enter the user's birthdate so that the website can keep any minors from registering. It is a part of the terms and conditions that the user cannot lie by age, and any minor who violates these rules will face legal repercussions. This rule protects minors and adults from entering relationships or dates that can be detrimental to the lives of both parties.

Nationality, place of origin, and the culture the user grew up with greatly influence how well one matches with a new person and forms a connection. Having a commonplace of origin usually helps people get along better with strangers, especially if that online stranger is someone the users are interested in. Adult FriendFinder sorts people out and recommends profiles based on location, so the user will have to enter the user country and province on registration.

The registration process will not take more than five minutes and is free of cost. After registration and verification by email, Adult FriendFinder will put forward certain questions that reveal relevant and basic information that is essential for a potential partner to go through before they choose to contact the user. This includes preferred orientation; during this step, the user can choose as many orientations as the user likes.

Using Adult FriendFinder

After the user has completed this process, the user is redirected to the homepage, where they can find the latest post and activity by all Adult FriendFinder users - the feed that the user sees will eventually be tuned to the matches they follow and like, and based on what they interact with the most.

Making contact on the app is easy, says the Adult FriendFinder review by Dating-Experts.Org. The users can utilize numerous communication features to reach out to their matches, including group chats and blogs. The group feature especially has achieved popularity because it connects people based on factors other than blind attraction. There are several instances of people finding others with their same interests and passions and forming real friendships online.


The chat function and a Livestream function on Adult FriendFinder allow people to express themselves in any comfortable way. There are also magazines and classic messaging and emailing features common to many dating websites.

Personal Blogs

One interesting feature that catches the eye is the option to journal the user's escapades and publish them as a blog. This way, the user can make it known that the user is open to new experiences; otherwise, there is an option to divulge the user's confessions to the Adult FriendFinder community while remaining anonymous.

Erotic Stories

Some of these confessions find their way to the erotic stories page in the form of erotica short stories and novellas, where the contents range from autobiographic anecdotes to completely fictional and fantastic stories that show off the talents of the writers who are on the app. Users whose interests reach the literature and fiction category will feel comfortable on the erotic Stories page.


Some free features, however, do not involve a private interaction between two people. To fully interact in private with the person, send and read messages and add friends on the website, the user will have to pay a small fee and upgrade the user-free account to a premium one.

The comprehension of dating website profiles determines how much the user knows about a person before contacting them. In this regard, Adult FriendFinder app reviews have consistently reported that the profiles are well-detailed with photos and videos - graphic evidence that the user is read and ready to mingle.

Sharing Common Interests

Because uploading files on the profile is free, we see people coming forward and sharing their art, music, and more, all of which help a user know more about a potential partner. Watching videos and photographs on a stranger's profile is free, but the user would need a premium subscription if the user wants to see the full profile with all the details.

Mobile Apps

Few people have the patience to sit in front of a laptop and browse through dating websites. In this day and age, where the pandemic has forced us to take our work and personal life to a completely digitized space, no one wants to sit with their laptops a second more than what is necessary. Thankfully, there is a free Adult FriendFinder app on iOS and an Adult FriendFinder app on Android so that users worldwide with any operating system can browse through singles around their area from the comforts of their phones.

Users are often surprised to find that several other sites come under the Adult FriendFinder network that uses the same combined app - this means the user can contact single people outside the website.


As mentioned before, some of the app services are not free - users have to pay a small amount of money if they want to see the full profiles of other members. There is an option to send virtual gifts, which is also a paid service, as is the option to add friends, send and receive messages and use the chat. In other words, using this website as a social media app will cost the user some money. Watching members on the live streams also comes under the fee-based services.

However, the user can like photos and videos, create hotlists and join blogs and groups without paying any fee. If the user can exchange details and numbers through a group and connect in real life, the user can find partners on the website without paying a dime. The user can also interact extensively with user posts by commenting on blogs and photos and watching uploaded videos on the homepage for free. the user can sort through millions of users to find the right match using search filters.

The site offers monthly, gold memberships with the best values for three-month and full-year memberships. The user can pay via bank transfer, credit and debit cards, or mobile phone.

Adult FriendFinder website's strength lies in its vast membership base spread across the globe and the numerous ways it helps users connect with others.

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