Preparing for Breakups and Coping with Heartache

Author: RealNetworks, Inc.
Published: Saturday 7th February 2015 - Updated: Thursday 14th September 2017
Summary: In relationships, specifically when ending them, phone calls and face-to-face interactions are not obsolete, even in the digital age.

To reveal how Americans really approach breakups, LISTEN, the smartphone app from RealNetworks that allows consumers to quickly and easily customize their callers' experiences, examined how individuals prepare for and communicate a breakup, what they do to cope, and who they turn to for emotional support.

Conducting the study through YouGov, according to the results, while everyone handles breakups differently, phone calls and face-to-face conversations are universally the preferred method to communicate a breakup with a partner.

According to the survey, Americans differ in how they would plan for a breakup but agree on the best way to communicate the news. Key findings include:

Preparing for Breakups

"As technology has evolved, the way people communicate has radically changed," said Laura Nolte, Head of Global Mobile Entertainment Marketing, RealNetworks. "While digital communication has become the norm, our research shows that for important conversations people still value talking to each other face-to-face and on the phone."

Role of Social Media

In a world dominated by social media, changing Facebook relationship statuses is not typically part of the breakup ritual:

The results further show that many American adults would turn to music and work as a breakup aide and, when it comes to emotional support post breakup, women lead men as shoulders to cry on.

How People Seek Emotional Support

The top 8 people Americans would call after a breakup include:

Breaking Up is Hard to Do Study

LISTEN by RealNetworks commissioned YouGov Plc to poll the views of a representative sample of 1,094 U.S. adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between December 23-29, 2014. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all U.S. adults (aged 18+). The research was carried out online.

From RealNetworks (the pioneering company that originally brought streaming video and audio to the web), LISTEN is the first direct-to-consumer smartphone app that allows consumers to quickly and easily customize their callers' experiences with ringback tones. With LISTEN, users can replace the traditional 'brrng brrng' that plays as calls are waiting to connect by assigning songs for them to hear or leaving status messages explaining why they can't answer the phone. It also incorporates music sharing and productivity tools.

RealNetworks creates innovative products and services that make it easy for people to connect with and enjoy digital media. RealNetworks invented the streaming media category and continues to connect consumers with their digital media both directly and through partners, aiming to support every network, device, media type and social network. Find RealNetworks corporate information at

To learn more about LISTEN by RealNetworks, please visit The app is also available for download for T-Mobile and MetroPCS users on Google Play.

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