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Travel From Home with JoinPRO Live

Author: JoinPro
Published: 24th Mar 2022
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Summary: Interactive international travel from home with a live tour guide - discover LGBTQ-friendly destinations.

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JoinPRO Live also promotes and livestreams LGBTQ events, such as pride parades, festivals, and celebrations that take place all over the world.

In spring of 2020, when the Covid19 virus began to spread worldwide and many tourists were forced to cancel their trips, Joinpro live founders Alexey, Konstantin and Ivan realized many professional tour guides would be out of work.

When creating the international community JoinPRO Live, we wanted above all to support local guides in different parts of the world, since they all were going through tough times.

Therefore, we offered tour guides to conduct livestream tours from various parts of the globe and earn money with the help of our online platform. It allows tourists who were forced to stay at home to enjoy their favorite places without leaving their homes.

All our tours are interactive. On each tour, guides raffle off local gifts, which allows our tourists not only to enjoy the tour itself, but also to play an exciting trivia game with the guide.

After a year of work, the hobby turned into a serious job, as we saw we were helping people get acquainted with new cultures and places they were just planning to visit.

Gradually, we focused on two audiences, LGBTQ community and so-called Digital Nomads, these are people who can work remotely from anywhere, because we saw that these communities need our content more than most tourists.

For LGBTQ audience in particular it is important to meet others who share their views and interests, to feel connected.

We generate audience-focused content, where a designated tour guide in the livestream format helps people discover LGBTQ-friendly and safe destinations and chats with the audience in real time.

We also promote and livestream LGBTQ events, such as pride parades, festivals, celebrations that take place all over the world. We believe it's important that more people could learn about these events.

We created a product which helps an individual get acquainted with local places, talk with people, ask questions, without leaving home. We help people who can't afford to travel or can't attend a notable event, virtually participate and feel a part of it. We see that the need is high.

Our platform helps connect people and immerse them in a world of celebration and acceptance.

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This link will take you to the JoinPro LGBTQ page: JoinPRO Live LGBTQ

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