CARE Surrogacy Center Puerto Vallarta

Author: CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico
Published: Saturday 17th January 2015
Summary: CARE Surrogacy Center is further progressing their surrogacy programs for LGBT singles and couples.

After more than a year of strategic planning and reflection, the CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico is proud to announce an exciting and epic move to Puerto Vallarta.

The company says the move was driven by a desire to create a more efficient management structure in a desirable location - and to give intended parents a soothing, relaxing environment. The CARE offices are now located at Paseo de los Cocoteros 55, Suite 2333 in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is a stunning, year-round destination retreat - surrounded by pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, world-class cuisine, and a flourishing venue for art and culture.

The CARE Surrogacy Center in Mexico provides incomparable experiences for intended parents, encompassed by enhanced clinical pregnancy outcomes, abridged costs and a wide-ranging continuum of care. The vision of CARE is to represent and assist individuals and couples all over the world who want to build a family, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. The center embraces a positive approach to surrogacy with compassionate journey coordinators, expert IVF medical specialists using the latest technologies, and the expertise of the CARE surrogacy legal team.

The CARE Surrogacy Center in Puerto Vallarta:

Known for its extremely unmatched ability to help build families made with love, the CARE Surrogacy Center has embarked on numerous highly successful endeavors and achievements over the past year - including pregnancy success for over 15 couples.

Expert reproductive law specialists and dedicated journey coordinators are orchestrating the top surrogacy program in Mexico and focusing this move as an opportunity to become a bigger part of something truly remarkable - a bold opportunity to give intended parents a spectacular future in a more welcoming and open environment.

"Ultimately, this move is going to benefit our intended parents. Puerto Vallarta is one of the most exciting destinations on the globe. It gives our intended parents destination-friendly incentives and a closer proximity to airports and hotels," stated Ivan Davydov, Reproductive Lawyer at the CARE Surrogacy Center.

Leader in LGBT Family Building:

With the bold move to Puerto Vallarta, the CARE Surrogacy Center is further progressing their surrogacy programs for LGBT singles and couples. The city of Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the most popular gay-friendly destinations in the world with its sophisticated ambiance and easy-to-reach West Coast location.

The company stands strong on its belief that all of their intended parents should be treated equally not only when choosing options to build a family, but in all aspects of life. The team at CARE has created an inclusive and welcoming environment for intended parents to become acquainted with Mexico's most diverse resort town.

"We are committed to maintaining a culture of respect, inclusion and equal treatment for our CARE intended parents. It is an honor to be acknowledged among the leaders in providing surrogacy options to LGBT communities. We help simplify the journey for same-sex couples by offering services that are affordable, accessible and structured to celebrate and strengthen their identity," stated Mr. Umar.

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