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LGBT Literature: Stories, Books, Guides, Publications

Updated/Revised Date: 21st Sep 2022
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Synopsis: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) and related sexual diversity literature including fact sheets, books, publications and guides.


LGBT Literature

LGBT literature covers a vast array of themes and concepts. LGBT individuals have often turned to literature as a source of validation, understanding, and beautification of same-sex attraction. In contexts where homosexuality has been perceived negatively, LGBT literature may also document the psychological stresses and alienation suffered by those experiencing prejudice, legal discrimination, AIDS, self-loathing, bullying, violence, religious condemnation, denial, suicide, persecution, and other such obstacles.

Main Section

This section of provides articles and lists relating to books, periodicals, publications, printed magazines, journals, and newspapers, with a focus on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

LGBT Literature Categories

Probably the most comprehensive list and an extensive collection of Canadian and international LGBT periodicals is at the ArQuives in Toronto. The most comprehensive holdings of Australian LGBT periodicals are found at the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives; their holdings are listed in ALGA Periodicals Collection Catalogue.

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Latest Literature Publications

The above information is from our reference library of material relating to Literature that includes:

Banned Books Week: Book Bans Are An Attack on LGBTQ Youth thumbnail image.Banned Books Week: Book Bans Are An Attack on LGBTQ Youth thumbnail image.
GLAAD points to book bans as just one arm of the organized national attack on LGBTQ youth as a new pen America report reveals nearly half of banned books are targeted due to LGBTQ content.
Author: GLAAD
Publish Date: 19th Sep 2022 - Updated: 25th Sep 2022
19 Year Old Author Brings Awareness to Disability in 'The Color Orange' thumbnail image.
Follow Robbie as he color codes and shade ranges people and experiences. He discovers everyone is a different color, and it's beautiful.
Author: YM & Associates PR
Publish Date: 17th Apr 2021 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022
Book Review: Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia thumbnail image.
A personal review of the debut novel by Gabriela Garcia.
Author: Tsara Shelton
Publish Date: 27th Mar 2021 - Updated: 6th Sep 2022
Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself by Tsara Shelton thumbnail image.Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself by Tsara Shelton thumbnail image.
Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself - Candid book by Tsara Shelton offers a unique and intimate narrative on parenting, autism, and growing up.
Author: Tsara Shelton
Publish Date: 16th Apr 2020 - Updated: 25th Oct 2022

Refocusing My Family - Gay daughter of Focus on the Family executive unmasks her coming out story with new memoir.
Author: Amber Cantorna
Publish Date: 23rd Sep 2017

1LGBTQ+ Awareness and Events
LGBTQ+ awareness dates and events.

2Transgender Reporting Guide
How to write about transgender people.

3Glossary of Sexuality Terms
Definitions of sexual terms & acronyms.

4Glossary of Gender Terms
Definitions of gender related terms.

5Am I Gay? Questions to Ask
Think you may be gay or bisexual?

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