O-Shot for Female Sexual Dysfunction Improves Orgasms

Source: Dallas Anti-Aging Institute
Published: 2015-10-27 - Updated: 2016-01-30
Summary: Women who receive the O-Shot or Orgasm Shot report increase in quality and frequency of orgasms, and elimination of painful intercourse and urinary incontinence.

In the 18 months since the O-Shot® was introduced at the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute as a breakthrough therapy for sexual dysfunction in women, many recipients have experienced significant improvement in both the intensity and frequency of their orgasms - even working for some who previously could not reach orgasm at all.

The single-injection treatment has also proven to be an effective solution for women who suffer from painful sexual intercourse, and urinary incontinence caused by a decline in function of vaginal tissue.

"It's been a big success all around," says G. Pat Sharratt, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at the Institute. "By naturally stimulating the growth of more youthful, responsive vaginal tissue using the patient's own enriched blood platelets, we can eliminate several problems affecting an estimated 30-50% of women today: difficult-to-achieve or nonexistent orgasm, painful sexual intercourse and vaginal-related urinary incontinence."

The O-Shot® or Orgasm Shot® was developed by Dr. Charles Runels, M.D. who also created the widely popular Priapus Shot® for male sexual dysfunction. In a procedure that takes about 30 minutes, blood platelets are drawn from the patient and spun in a centrifuge to release powerful growth factors. Using a tiny needle and a local anesthetic cream that makes it virtually painless, the serum, called Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix or PRFM, is injected into parts of the vagina to promote the growth of new, revitalized tissue.

"The procedure is based on the same technology successfully used to restore tissue in the face, knee and other parts of the body," says Dr. Sharratt, who is licensed and certified by the inventor to administer the injection. "And since it's a totally natural process, there are no allergic reactions, side effects are rare and minimal, and these life-changing results can be achieved without drugs or surgery."

Dr. Sharratt notes that the O-Shot® can produce results almost immediately, reaches its full potential in a few weeks, and can last from nine months to as long as three years.

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