Curvy - Dating App for BBWs and Plus Size Singles

Published: 2017-09-29
Summary: Curvy, the popular dating app for BBW singles and their admirers is now also available as an Apple watch app.

Earlier this year, the CURVY app made waves by daring to stand up and tell the world that "overweight" and "chubby" women are also gorgeous, desirable, and yes, very sexy.

Dating and hook-up apps abound for men and women of "regular" sizes, but CURVY blew open the doors for online love and companionship for larger ladies and gentlemen.

With Tinder-like features, this BBW dating app is a refreshing, innovative way to meet singles around the world who are blessed with curves and substance.

No longer is being plus-sized something to be ashamed of.

People using the CURVY app get to discover that there are loads of people out there who appreciate, desire, and love men and women who carry extra weight and have "more to love".

Finally, people don't have to be slim to be considered gorgeous. CURVY does not have a formal verification process allowing members to exclude "slim" people, but at first blush, it appears that members understand and embrace that CURVY is not for "fit freaks" or "XS size girls". On CURVY, users can be themselves and embrace their beauty.

CURVY founder Josh said that the aim was to "make a happy spot for everyone who is worried about weight and curves here and there," and to "break stereotypes that overweight people can't be happy and have everlasting relationships." CURVY is proof that "love has no size," he added.

CURVY is easy to use and works in a similar way to a number of regular dating apps.

By swiping left or right, users can make matches and meet other big, beautiful people looking for love. Some users described CURVY as "Tinder minus slim & fitness people."

Not surprisingly, CURVY is the most downloaded dating app for BBW and plus size singles.

Unlike many other dating apps, which only offer paid memberships, CURVY users can opt for free or paid membership. Everyone deserves love, and now everyone can have the chance.

Now, it's even easier and more convenient to use the CURVY app - right on the Apple watch.

To learn more about Curvy, please get Curvy app for iOS devices at the Apple App Store and Curvy app for Android devices through Google Play Store. Or visit its official website at

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