When and How Do Americans Start Online Dating?

Author: JustDating
Published: Monday 12th February 2018
Summary: JustDating Dating app survey results reveal dating statistics for U.S. men and women.

JustDating Survey: When and How Do People in America Start Dating?

Fifteen years ago, no one would've imagined people would live attached to a smartphone 24/7, let alone depend on it more than anything else. Nowadays people can do business, shop for groceries and even meet their significant others with just one click (or swipe).

Dating app JustDating conducted a survey and found that 63% of American men started using dating apps at the age of 18 where as 55% of women first used them at the age of 19. Also, when asked about what they look for in a dating profile, 59% of male users claim to look for a unique profile description. Female users look for shared interested and things she might have in common with the other person.

Dating app JustDating conducted a survey and found that the average age that most men in the United States start using dating apps is 18 years. For female users it was found that the average age 19 years. Men are more prone to interact through digital platforms at a younger age than women do. This is due to the idea that women have to wait to be approached by men. However, JustDating also found that women who take the first step, tend to have a positive response and more success in the relationship.

Another question on this survey was "What is a deal breaker for you while browsing a dating app?" and to everyone's surprise, the most popular answer wasn't "a nice body" or "a pretty face." In fact, 59% of male users responded that an interesting profile description was more appealing than a pretty photo. Daniel, 29 said "Most woman can take a good selfie and edit it to look almost unreal, but few women can think of a funny or catchy phrase to describe themselves."

On the other hand, 47% of female users answered they tend to focus in finding similarities or things they might have in common with the other person.

Kimber, 26 said "If he is a bookworm like me or at least has some interest in reading, I would definitely swipe right and ask what his favorite book is." No matter if you are looking for a casual date or a lifetime partner, this survey showed that users are looking for real connections with real people that show their true selves online.

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